Announcing the LINE API Experts for 2019

LINE API Expert is a program to recognize and award the title of “LINE API Expert” to competent engineers who have a deep understanding of the APIs provided by LINE and are influential in the developer community. LINE API experts will be offered an array of benefits as well as LINE’s support for their activities.

We consider many factors in our screening process: influence on developer communities; communications skills including writing and presentation; technical competency in LINE-related software development, and the potential as a technical partner with LINE in the future.
We’re happy to introduce the following new members who were selected among a large pool of candidates.

New members

Hailing from Japan and Thailand, here are nine new LINE API Experts for 2019. We look forward to their active engagement and invigoration of the LINE Developer Community.


Takeyuki Imajo

Takeyuki attended the CEK training session soon after the release of the Clova CEK. He is a “natural born fast learner” and diligent as well. He’s working as both a hands-on teacher and an engineer while applying himself to various development projects. His mission is to thrill both himself and the world!

He often extols the virtues of Clova’s smart speaker to other developers at offline meetings or through his SNS. Additionally, he developed a bot called Ah! Nomite! Kanji-kun! that helps people to find a restaurant/bar when they want to hold a party. When naming the bot, he took into account the implementation of the LIFF (LINE Front-end Framework), in other words listing of LINE groups and friends in an alphabetical order, so that the bot would appear at the top of the LINE groups and friend list. It’s clear that he paid attention to the user flows or UX when developing this in-app project.

Takeyuki has joined KAYAC, Inc. as a new engineer from April 2019. We hope he will use his experience so far to continue with new and unique development adventure.

Sumihiro Kagawa

Sumihiro has two hats on as a project manager for Piecemeal Technology, Inc. and CTO for the start-up called COMPASS Inc. 

For Piecemeal Technology, he works as an IT consultant in tasks such as system infrastructure development support for local governments. At COMPASS he is developing an online career counseling service,“CHOICE!”, using LINE Bot.

At the LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018, he won the Family Division prize for his Family Chore Log service that combined the Clova, Messaging API, and LIFF.
From here on out, we expect great results from Sumihiro as he is committed to developing great products to meet user needs, inspiring LINE Bot developers with his fantastic work, and sharing information with the LINE Developer Community.

Takuya Kanatani

Takuya is a prototype concept engineer whose motto is “Make it, then test it.”
As a leader of Kobe Digital Labo Inc.‘s group, promoting the utilization of new technology, he’s part of initiatives to use technology underrepresented in the marketplace and publish information about its use both in-house and outside the company.

Since 2017, Takuya has been focusing on using VUI (Voice User Interface) technology in business. Along with doing technical verification of the smart speaker products commercialized in Japan, he holds IT seminars to promote VUI in Hyogo, Osaka, and his home prefecture, Mie. Additionally, he’s also the head of the Voice UI division at his company. Since June 2018, he has launched and represented the VUI community, known as VUI Kobe.

At the LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018, he won the RIZAP prize for his work, MY BODY: Easy Healthcare. Finally, we were proud to invite him to lead a program called The Future of VUI and the Benefits of the LINE Platform at LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2018. Takuya is definitely a big contributor to the field of VUI.
We look forward to the light footwork and precise aesthetics that he will bring to his future activities and presentations as an experienced leader in the field.

Kenichiro Nakamura

Kenichiro is a leading figure in the LINE Developer Community for independent developers. He is active with his blog posts and the study sessions he arranges for the community. Not only does he develop C# SDK, sample programs and various tools such as LINE client and Clova simulators, he also shares information on sites such as GitHub and Qiita.

He engaged in the development of LINE services such as Clova and the LINE Pay API, and his My Training and Professor Laf were nominated as finalists in the LINE BOOT AWARDS.
In the future, we look forward to Kenichiro’s contribution as he shares and updates information on new technical tools and holds events to promote the LINE Developer community, all made possible by his deep love for the developer community.

Yui Nishimura

As a senior in high school, Yui has been busy on many fronts as a Mitou Junior Super Creator, winner of the LINE BOOT AWARDS Grand Prix, finalist in the SXSW Edu Student Startup Competition, and participant in the fourth Makers University U-18.

Yui’s bot Toubans!, which won the LINE BOOT AWARDS Grand Prix, was announced as the only entry from Japan to become a finalist in SXSW EDU’s Student Startup Competition held in Austin, Texas. Check out this video of Yui’s presentation at SXSW. 

We’re looking forward to Yui’s next steps on the world stage.

Hironori Takauma

Hironori works in the R&D department of the IT consulting firm, i-enter Corporation, Ltd., where he does research on cURL-ing support tools.

He has published a book, Introduction to Smart Speaker App Development for the Top 3 Smart Speakers: Amazon Echo, Google Home, and LINE Clova, in which he shares all kinds of information for the developers of smart speaker apps.

At present, Hironori takes the stage mainly in Kansai as a hands-on instructor, sharing the wide possibilities of services that smart speakers stand to fulfill.
We hope to see him continue in his dedication towards spreading information about smart speakers and developing LINE Bot and Clova skills.

Taiki Tanaka

Also known as Miso Tanaka, he frequently posts about Clova Skills on Qiita and other technical information-sharing sites, and contributes in many other ways including organizing offline events. 

Over 100 people on average attend his Play Around and Master Your Smart Speaker community events, where he educates many developers on how to use and develop VUI in Japan. At the LINE BOOT AWARDS, Taiki received the obniz prize for developing his Heart Beat Music Recommender using the heartbeat sensor.

We’d like to encourage him on his journey to develop products for Clova and LINE Things, continue publishing for the community, and organize events to help a large number of developers.

Takashi Kawamoto

Takashi works for Classmethod, Inc. His company is a Premier Consulting Partner with AWS (Amazon Web Services), and also operates the well-known technical blog, Developers.IO.

Alongside his engineering consulting work with AWS machine learning and AI services, Takashi publishes articles on his company’s blog.

He developed the sixth most popular Clova skill in 2018, Animal Noises Quiz, and also served as a hands-on instructor for the LINE BOOT AWARDS. Takashi also develops apps for VUI (including Clova) in his free time, so we’re hoping to see more of his development for LINE’s Clova skills and cloud capabilities to meet user needs.


Aeknarin Sirisub

Aeknarin majored in computer science from Kasetsart University. He’s worked as a backend developer for 6 years in the fields of PHP and Laravel Framework, developing designed data structure of databases, among other things. Since 2014, he learned and started to develop a system on the LINE Message platform. He developed the 1-on-1 chat monitoring system for FWD Life Insurance (Thailand).

Now he’s a Co-Founder & CEO of his start-up company in Thailand. His hobby is photography and traveling. He also made a hobby out of seeking new technology for his own company and studying IT books to strengthen his expertise in the area. He often helps out with LINE Message API issues in the LINE Developer Thailand in his free time.


It was not an easy job to select new LINE API Experts among all of the outstanding candidates, but we are pleased to welcome our nine new LINE API Expert members from both inside and outside Japan. 
The selection criteria was to identify people who contributed to planning, management, or launch of a product, served as a instructor, or won prizes at the last year’s large-scale hackathon, LINE BOOT AWARDS.
We hope that the active involvement of our API Experts will continue to stimulate the LINE Developer Community.

You can find all of the information on our API Experts from every country on this page. You can also click here to apply for a LINE API Expert.

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