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  • Agile Testing Days 2017
    Marc Lihan and Kent Han 2018.07.20

    Marc and Kent are SQA engineers in LINE Taiwan. They are in charge of quality assurance and delivery management.​

    Last winter in 2017, we—Marc and Kent, QA engineers from LINE Taiwan office—had an opportunity to attend one of the most well known software testing conferences in Europe called Agile Testing Days 2017 in Potsdam, Germany. Agile Testing Days or ATD has been hosting this conference every year for almost a decade and the community grows each year. It was a four full day conference with over 600 attendees, 160 sessions and 130 speakers. The conference week was jam-packed, that at times there were at most 8 parallel on-going sessions, which makes it difficult for us to decide on which track to attend because there were so many interesting topics.

    QA Testing DevOps CI/CD Appium Agile

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  • Announcing the LINE API Experts for 2018 Q2
    Shinichiro Isago 2018.07.09

    LINE API Expert is a program that recognizes skilled engineers who have a deep understanding of the APIs provided by LINE and are influential in the community by giving them the title of "LINE API experts". In addition to providing an array of benefits, LINE will also support the various activities of these LINE API experts through this program.

    LINE API Expert

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  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2018 Recap (1/2)
    Yuki Nishiwaki 2018.07.03

    A conference was held in Vancouver from May 21st to 24th this year, OpenStack Summit Vancouver, and I'd like to share my time there as an attendee as well as a speaker, over two postings. On this post I'll briefly introduce OpenStack and share some sessions with you. In the following post, I'll share the content of our presentation.


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  • V8 Hidden class
    Masami Yonehara 2018.06.27

    I am a frontend engineer at LINE. I've moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo in 2016.

    As a frontend engineer, I feel I still need to know more about the structure of JavaScript and web browsers, in order to provide quality UX to our users. Thankfully, we are given an access to peak through JavaScript's thoughts, thanks to Google and Mozilla for making their engine code available to public, along with nicely prepared documentation. The availability of various means for tracing and profiling code surely helps too.

    AdventCalendar JavaScript

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  • Presenting on RedisConf18
    Jongyeol Choi 2018.06.18

    As a member of the Storage team for LINE Messenger Server, I develop modules related to Redis.

    Hello, I am Jongyeol Choi, a member of the Redis team at LINE. LINE's services use various storage systems based on their needs. Our messaging service uses various open source storage systems such as Redis, HBase, and Kafka. As a member of the Redis team, I participated the RedisConf18 conference in San Francisco in U.S.A, on April 26th, as a speaker. The topic of my session was, "Redis at LINE, 25 billion messages per day". I'd like to take this opportunity to share the presentation preparation process, the conference itself and the responses I got for my session.

    RedisConf18 Venue

    Server Redis RedisConf

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