LINE Engineering

  • Making a basic server with Java & Armeria
    InSeong 2018.09.13

    As some of you probably know, LINE has been actively open-sourcing projects including Armeria and Central Dogma. Today, I'd like to share a bit about Armeria and setting up a simple web server using Armeria.

    Armeria OpenSource Java microservices

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  • Agile2018 Recap
    Hiroyuki Ito 2018.08.31

    I am the first SET (Software Engineer in Test) and Agile Coach at LINE. My main responsibility is to improve LINE Platform (server-side) and its development process by utilizing test automation.

    Hi there! My name is Hiroyuki Ito (The HIRO), a SET (Software Engineer in Test) and Agile Coach from LINE. This summer, I attended Agile2018 held in San Diego, a shiny beautiful city in California, U.S.A!


    Agile Agile2018 SET

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  • Data system opens its doors to all Liners
    Keiji Yoshida 2018.08.30

    I am a data engineer at LINE Data Labs.

    This is Keiji Yoshida, a data engineer from LINE Data Labs. From 2017, our team has been working on building and providing a system where any Liner could access data of services they are involved in.

    Have you heard of LINE Data Labs?

    LINE Data Labs is a team supporting LINE services, with data; we expertise in collecting, processing, aggregating and analyzing data for each LINE service and provide our result to service members. About 50 members consisting of machine learning engineers, data scientist, data designers and data engineers work together to collect and aggregate data and provide BI (Business Intelligence) and reporting service for visualization. We help service stakeholders to make decision with analyzed data and continually seek ways to help them such as applying machine learning to services and so on.

    Data Labs summer homework

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  • OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2018 Recap (2/2)
    Yuki Nishiwaki 2018.08.28

    Hello again, this is Nishiwaki from Verda 2 team at LINE. In my previous post, I've shared a number of sessions about containers that seemed interesting as a session attendee. On this post, I'd like to share our presentation in the summit, Excitingly simple multi-path OpenStack networking: LAG-less, L2-less, yet fully redundant The main topic of our presentation was the architecture of a data network center we were setting up for a new region and Neutron integration. The new architecture was built with enhanced capacity for east-west network traffic. Here are a recording of our presentation and slides for those who couldn't make it to the conference.


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  • Adding an HTML Component on AMP
    Shoyo Kyo 2018.08.23

    Hello, this is Kyo, a front-end engineer at LINE. I'd like to share my story on AMP Project, Google's open source project. While you work on markup with AMP HTML, haven't you ever felt an urge to make a component yourself, or to add a feature to it? I hope my post will give you a little push on your back if you are still hesitating.

    google AMP Component

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