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Making a polygraph bot without a single line of coding!

The LINE Messaging API comes with a feature to send and reply to a message via a bot. Today I’m going to introduce how to make a polygraph bot with the LINE Messaging API, without coding a single line. Let’s first take a look at how LINE polygraph bot works.

Did you notice anything strange?

Voila! This was an April Fool’s Day event! There is no such team as AFD Team in LINE because it stands for “April Fool’s Day”! Well, we cannot make a polygraph but we can create a LINE Bot, using a sample bot, without a single line of coding.

For you to get started, we’ve prepared a set of information that might become handy:

LINE Messaging API Guide

For you to easily make the best out of it, LINE provides a developer guide on the LINE Messaging API.

LINE Messaging API guide

LINE Developers-Bot Designer

We provide the LINE Bot Designer for you to preview a conversation with the LINE Bot without any programming knowledge.


Bot Designer for previewing conversation with chatbots

You can also find the LINE Bot Designer Guide, written by Nakajima of Developer Relations Team in Japan. This posting gives you an idea when and how to use the Bot Designer. 


Using Headless Chrome with chatbots

This posting explains about applying crawling to chatbots using Node.js and headless Chrome. 

Well, here is all we’ve prepared for our little event. I hope you had a bit of a laugh. Although this particular bot was a fake, we look forward to meet more awesome LINE bots from you 🙂