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Bot Designer for previewing conversation with chatbots

What is a Bot Designer?

Bot Designer is an application which allows you to simulate and preview a conversation with a chatbot.


With the LINE Messaging API, you can make a bot send various types of messages such as texts, images, stickers, locations to a LINE user. To check how these messages are actually displayed on the LINE app, what you had to was to create a JSON object representing the message, call the Messaging API, and then check the sent message on the LINE app. Now, with Bot Designer, you can do it by simply entering information in the input fields of Bot Designer which automatically converts the information into JSON objects and renders message previews. You will get the idea right away when you watch the following video clip.


The video clips on this post are provided only in Japanese UI. But even if you don’t know Japanese, you’ll be able to figure out pretty easily.

When do we use Bot Designer?

Here are some of use cases where you can make the best use of Bot Designer.

Presentations for end users

When you want to present a bot you are planning to develop to an end user, a demo works far better than a series of powerpoint slides with images. However, a demo would require developing a bot to some extent. With Bot Designer, you can now simulate a conversation with a bot without even a prototype. After all, its a designer! Use it to design a chatbot.

JSON Generation

Messages like template messages contain quite a lot of information, which means many properties and many nested objects in JSON representation. The message structure becomes so complex, making it easy to make mistakes when you write one yourself. Bot Designer generates JSON objects for messages for you, which means no more of looking up the API reference. You will get a JSON object instantly, in an accurate format. Say goodbye to mixing up ] with }.

Creating an image map

The LINE Messaging API allows you to use an image map, setting a number of tappable areas within an image, which can be a powerful user interface. But, figuring out the coordinates of areas to set in an image requires some effort. Watch the following video clip to see how it became so simple to create an image map. You’ll be surprised!

Get Bot Designer

Anyone can download Bot Designer right away. And we do mean anyone. You don’t have to be a programmer to use our Bot Designer. All you need is a LINE account to use it. By the way, if you are looking for documents, they come with the tool itself. Hope you enjoy!