Our mission is to bring people, information and services closer together

We started by developing a simple messaging app to let users stay connected to the people closest to them in any situation. But we have since grown to do so much more. Not only do we develop the LINE messaging app but also other kinds of apps, games, and platforms.

We are always working to improve the reliability, user experience, and performance of our products. Our engineers also play a vital role in dealing with security to ensure that messaging on LINE is safe.

Connect every moment with the world

Our engineers contribute to the development of a platform with a global user base of over 220 million active users.
We get to experience the unique challenges and complexities that come with developing products and services for users
who span the globe.

We get to learn about the peculiarities of users from different countries and look for solutions to issues that are specific to particular markets. From working in this kind of environment, we learn to develop a more global perspective.


Being global

Our LINE engineers work with a diverse group of people who are of different nationalities and are in different locations.
Although we are scattered across different locations, we work closely together with one another. Our teams in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China collaborate with each other to develop new products and services.