TECHTALK #3 Event Recap

Hi, this is Mai Anh from Employer Branding.

Last month we held the third episode of TECHTALK, the bi-annual tech event series by LINE Technology Vietnam, where we connect with Vietnam’s skilled developers and share LINE’s best practices with large-scale applications and services to the community. It was a team effort to bring TECHTALK #3 about, so firstly I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who participated, presented, and involved in the organization of the event.

Right after TECHTALK #2 back in September 2020, we started thinking about the next episode: what we would talk about, what could be improved, and more importantly whether it was even possible to do an offline event – because of social distancing measures. Accidentally the office relocation was also scheduled during this time, so we had to be our most flexible self. Everything can change at any time.

Topic selection

With the aim of in-depth knowledge-sharing, we envision TECHTALK to be a forum for highly-skilled developers. For each episode, we spend serious time thinking and debating about 1/ what developers like to know, 2/ what they should be encouraged to learn more about or pay more attention to, and 3/ what areas of expertise LINE could be of assistance to a developer on their growth path. Picking a topic solely by its current popularity or its exclusive use at LINE is not a good approach for TECHTALK. We want the topic to be relevant and of practical use to the local community as well.

With that in mind, we started off with a list of topic ideas and then checking to see which ones match all the above criteria.

Previously at TECHTALK #2, we already talked about System Performance, so we thought a follow-up on System Architecture from Infra / DevOps perspective would be interesting. A comprehensive understanding of System Architecture is beneficial to those who wish to grow into the role of Solution Architect, even if they are not Infrastructure or DevOps engineers themselves. With that decided, we approached and invited two local tech companies to join the event to bring in diverse points of view.

In Session 1, Nguyen Tien Dat (Back-End Engineer) and Nguyen Quang Trung (Infrastructure Engineer) from LINE Technology Vietnam talked about Zero Downtime Deployment and Graceful Shutdown. Equipped with ample practices from our current projects, the two speakers gave Back-end engineers and Solution Architects an overview on infrastructure design and operation. Meticulously going through strategy overview, to a generalized project structure and possible issues developer may encounter, they arrived at how LINE approaches and achieves zero downtime. Participants were gifted with several practical advices on database schema change, as a way to round up the session.

In Session 2, we invited Nguyen Trung Dzung (Deputy Head of Infrastructure & Support Department) from Cốc Cốc to the stage to speak about their own unique Secret Management Architecture. Following is Session 3 by Tran Ngoc Anh (Senior DevOps Engineer) and Le Tuan Linh (Technical Lead) from Rikkeisoft, with a refreshing perspective on Cloud-Native Architecture.

Event results

During the 6-month hiatus from the previous event in 2020, we certainly couldn’t wait to meet the dev community, and likewise the local community was also eager to see TECHTALK back. Many candidates and friends asked our LINERs when the next event was going to be held, and we reached full capacity sooner than expected.

Highlights from TECHTALK #3, Apr 17, 2021 at LINE Technology Vietnam


Thanks to the positive results from the previous two events, we enjoyed very good attention of the public, and TECHTALK #3 became the event held by LINE Technology Vietnam that received the highest number of registrations. SNS & recommendation are the most effective sources, in terms of target reach and target quality.

  • 67% people cited they came across the event info on SNS.
  • 30% from friends’ recommendation.

Unlike the target audience of our coding contest LINE CODE WOW, TECHTALK’s audience profile is of a more senior group. Only one third are fresh graduate and tech enthusiasts, the rest are middle-career and senior coders with hands-on experiences in the field.


One of the major risks that worry every offline event organizer is the local weather. The heavy rain on the event day was totally unexpected, so we were quite anxious about the event outcome. However, over a hundred engineers came and attend the event in full. We were quite glad that it is the highest attendance for a tech event held by LINE in Vietnam so far.

During Q&A and tea-break, all speakers were sought after for a more personal, direct discussion. Not only engaged in technical aspects, our guests were also took great interest in LINE’s Engineering Culture and career opportunities with us. All in all, everyone had a great time talking with like-minded professionals, and we already received some questions for the next TECHTALK!

Last but not least

Again, big thanks to all participants, speakers, designers, and organizers. We couldn’t have pulled that off without your continued support.

In the days leading to the event we encountered many difficulties, not only with content planning but also with event management, considering the lean organization team. Overcoming hardship and solving troubles together, we truly felt the camaraderie between LINERs and a sense of community spirit with our colleagues from the guest companies.

Follow us to get the latest updates, and see you at TECHTALK #4!