Sending notifications to Clova devices with IFTTT

Here is our first post on Clova after its release. Today, I’d like to talk about integrating Clova with IFFFF which allows us to do things like sending a notification to Clova devices when a new post is uploaded on the LINE Engineering blog. Before we start, let us find out what IFTTT is first.

At the time of posting, the service introduced here is only available in Japan.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT, short for ‘If this, then that’, and is a web platform that can be integrated with various services. The name clearly suggests how it works; if a certain condition is satisfied, it makes a service do something.

There are three elements to using IFTTT:

  • Trigger: The condition service (This)
  • Action: The service that “acts” (That)
  • Applet: The service integration (IF This Then That)

To help you understand better, let’s see an example. Among the IFTTT services integrated with the LINE Notify service is one that is integrated with Twitter. The three elements of this service is as follows.

On IFTTT, you can find various triggers, actions, and applets, over various areas such as schedule, locations, health and development tools. You can use applets or make your own applet with a trigger and an action of your choice. Today, I’d like to introduce you an action for Clova IFTTT services, “Post message to Clova”, and the applets integrated with this action and other non-LINE services.

Action – Post message to Clova

Clova Friends, one of the Clova devices, notifies its user when there is a new LINE message for the user.1) When Clova Friends receives a notification, the device lightens up its LED ring, and once the user recognizes the light and asks Clova, “Clova, are there any new messages?”, Clova reads the message out for the user. Like this use case, you can use the “Post message to Clova” action for other services to notify users through Clova devices. For your information, we have not prepared triggers for this release.


Clova applets

We have made some sample applets integrated with other triggers with the “Post message to Clova” action.

Label Applet Description
A Get a notification when a new post is published on the LINE Engineering blog RSS
B Get a notification when a new feature is introduced on the official Clova blog RSS
C Get complimented when you succeed in losing weight Withings
D Get a notification when a card is added on Trello Trello
E Get complimented when you complete the exercises set for the day Misfit
F Get a notification when a pull request is created on GitHub GitHub
G Get a notification when I am tagged in a picture on Facebook Facebook
H Get a notification when I leave work or school Location

Using Clova applets

Let’s have a look at using the applets. To use Clova applets, you need to connect your IFTTT account with Clova account. To connect your accounts, visit the Clova page on IFTTT, and press the Connect button.

When the LINE login page is displayed, enter the email address and the password of your LINE account registered with your Clova device to connect your LINE Clova account2) and IFTTT account.


Once your accounts are connected, check out for available applets on the Clova service page, turn on the applet you wish to use and proceed with configuration.

Get a notification when a new post is published on the official Clova blog
“Clova is evolving everyday. New features are added on Clova everyday. Get notified when a new feature is introduced on the official Clova blog.”

Making Clova applets

Now, let’s make a customized applet, by integrating Clova’s notification service with another service. If you want detailed information creating an applet, see the document on the IFTTT site. First, click the New Applet menu as shown below, you will be taken to the creation page.

Now you need to set the trigger. To set the trigger, click the ‘this’ in blue, a list of services will be displayed for you to choose. Once you select a service, proceed on with the rest of the process.

Lastly, click the ‘that’ in blue this time to set the action, and proceed on with the rest of the process.

Ending notes

On this post, I have briefly introduced the action and applets to use Clova with IFTTT, and also how to make one yourself. If you have any thoughts or suggestions for our service, please tweet with the hashtag, ‘#ClovaIFTTT’. We will try our best in providing a better service based on the inputs from our users.

1) At the time of publishing this post, using LINE with Clova is only serviced in Japan.

2) In Korea, Clova is used with NAVER accounts, and in Japan with LINE accounts.