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LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020 Speaker Interviews

I’m Miki from the Developer Success Team.

LINE DEVELOPER DAY is a technical conference for engineers where we will introduce the challenges and initiatives in the technical field of LINE’s various services. This year’s conference will be held online for three days from November 25th to 27th.

The official website for LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020

The conference will offer over 150 sessions over 3 days, divided into specialized tracks for each technology area as follows

  • Day1 : AI/Data, Server Side LINE Platform, Security, Infrastructure, Corporate IT, Others
  • Day2 : AI/Data, Server Side Application, Client, Frontend, Test/QA, Others
  • Day3 : AI/Data, Fintech, Blockchain, Developer Product, OSS, Product Management, Team & Process, Design, Others

In order to give you a fragmented view of the conference content, we have released the movies of pre-interviews with the speakers. Since it’s difficult to introduce all the speakers, we’ve included 8 speakers from AI/Data, Server Side LINE Platform, Security, Infrastructure, Server Side Application, Client, Frontend and Developer Product. We’ve picked up a speaker from each category and asked them to give us an outline of the session they were in charge of, as well as a subjective view of what LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020 is all about.

We hope you can get a sense of the atmosphere of LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020 through the speakers’ comments.

AI/Data Track (Day1,2,3)

How Does LINE Implement Cross-Service Data Utilization?

Jun Namikawa

LINE Data Science and Engineering Center Fellow

Server Side LINE Platform Track (Day1)

Traffic intensive storages at LINE’s Messaging Application

Javier Akira Luca de Tena

LINE Z Part Team Senior Software Engineer

Security Track (Day1)

Cross-platform Mobile Security at LINE

Sanghwan Ahn

LINE Security R&D Team Senior Security Engineer

Charles Hubain

LINE Security R&D Team Senior Security Engineer

Infrastructure Track (Day1)

Hyperscale distributed NAT system and software engineering

Hiroki Shirokura

LINE ITSC Verda Network Development Team Senior Software Engineer

Server Side Application Track (Day2)

LINE DMP: Connect the All B2B Products with Over 100M Users

Hokuto Kagaya

LINE DMP Dev Team Software Engineer

Client Track (Day2)

Best practices for a modularized app with dynamic features

Leo Chu

LINE App Dev Team1 Android Engineer

Frontend Track (Day2)

Type safety initiatives for LINE Securities front-end

Ryota Suzuki

LINE Front-end Team Front end Engineer

Developer Product Track (Day3)

Comfortable service experiences created with LINE MINI App

Ai Shimogori

LINE Developer Product Management Team Product Manager