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LINE Taiwan TechPulse 2016 Recap

This is Shawn Tsai from LINE Taiwan. In its goal to become a Smart Portal for users, LINE has been opening up more features of its LINE Platform to developers to spur on the development of innovative chatbot applications. On the heels of the successful LINE Developer Day events held in Japan, we held an event in Taiwan called “LINE Taiwan TechPulse” on December 26, 2016. We had a good turnout of more than 600 attendees to this event which included many of our local partners as well as many talented developers. Not only did we introduce the resources we’ve made available to developers on the LINE Platform, we also shared information about LINE’s unique engineering culture and the career opportunities that are available at LINE.

Slides from the talks

We had a total of 9 sessions in the conference which introduced various technologies found on the LINE Platform and innovative applications. The slides for each session are available below.

Opening Keynote

Speaker: Marco Chen

LINE’s corporate vision is “Closing the distance” and its mission is to build a Smart Portal. To this end, LINE is focusing on improving its LINE Platform, the Messaging API and bot technology.

LINE Messaging API

Speaker: Kevin Luo

The LINE Messaging API, which was announced at LINE Developer Day 2016, lets developers build their own chatbots which can send various types of messages.

LINE Business Platform

Speaker: Augustin Wang

In order to make developing applications on the LINE Platform easier and faster, LINE has consolidated its various features into 5 major services for developers. This session introduced the following 3 services of the LINE Business Platform.

  • Official Web App (OWA): The OWA service is made up of the LINE Login, Profile+, and Messaging API features. It lets you integrate your website seamlessly into a LINE chat to provide a unified experience for your users. As long as the website follows the OWA specifications, the users will be able to use the website’s services right from their LINE chat whether they are on mobile or PC.
  • LINE Notify: LINE Notify lets your services send notifications to users in the form of text, images, and stickers through the LINE Notify official account.
  • LINE SMS: LINE SMS is a notification service similar to LINE Notify except that it identifies users by their phone numbers. This lets you send notifications to users through regular text (SMS) messages.
  • Chatbots and the New World

    Speaker: Shawn Tsai

    This session introduced chatbot applications and a new conversational interface. Customer Connect, which is the fourth main service of the LINE Business Platform, is one good example of how to use bot technology. With Customer Connect, you can provide enhanced customer support for your users on LINE through both manual replies and automated responses using a bot.

    Group App Platform

    Speaker: Kevin Luo

    The last main service of the LINE Business Platform is the Group App Platform. The Group App Platform lets you build applications that can be used in LINE group chats to provide additional functionality such as managing schedules.

    The Guardian of LINE TODAY: Automation Test

    Speaker: Kent Han

    LINE TODAY is a mobile news service developed in LINE Taiwan that has been released in Thailand, Indonesia, Iran and Taiwan. To keep improving the service and meet fast-changing market expectations, our LINE engineers used the Agile development method and built a test automation system.

    LINE Engineer Culture

    Speaker: Marco Chen

    We, LINE engineers, are a global team. All of us share a common culture and follow the same guidelines; however, we have also developed our own local style of development based on our local needs. This is best explained in the words of our Engineering Director at LINE Taiwan, Marco Chen, who said:
    LINE’s mission is to build a Smart Portal which is full of innovative applications. In order to speed up development, we’re hiring talented engineers globally and building an excellent working environment. LINE highly values openness and freedom. The three core principles we follow are: (1) Take ownership, (2) Take risks, and (3) Be open.

    Protostar Program

    Speaker: Augustin Wang

    The LINE Platform gives you access to the extensive network of LINE users. To bring more useful and innovative applications onto the LINE Platform, LINE Taiwan has launched the Protostar program. Many developers and start-ups have applied for the program to build their applications with LINE.

    LINE Bot Awards

    Speaker: Shawn Tsai

    To encourage developers to build innovative applications for the LINE Platform, LINE held a chatbot development contest and rewarded the winners with bountiful prizes.

    LINE TechPulse chatbot

    In order to demonstrate what you can do with the LINE Messaging API, we built a dedicated chatbot for the event that could do various things such as handling registrations for the event, providing information about the agenda and talk sessions, answering questions, live streaming talk sessions, and conducting post-event surveys. We also took advantage of the beacon feature to implement a self-serve check-in service, an on-site scavenger hunt game to get original LINE stickers, and an exciting game called “Lucky Price” where attendees make bids for products and the attendees with the lowest, unique bid wins.

    The QR code of the LINE TechPulse chatbot is shown below.

    The chatbot proved to be very useful in helping the attendees get the most out of the event. It helped attendees participate in the event more actively and easily. Below is a summary of what we were able to do with the chatbot.


    We used the chatbot to guide attendees through the registration process for the event.


    We used a beacon to facilitate the check-in process for the event. A check-in message was automatically triggered when attendees entered the venue letting attendees check in to the event by themselves.

    Agenda and session information

    We used template messages to let attendees view information about the event’s agenda and talk sessions.

    Scavenger hunt (Beacon + Mission Sticker)

    We used a beacon to offer mission stickers as a prize for the on-site scavenger hunt game. Attendees could win a set of original LINE stickers as a prize by visiting the 3 beacon locations.

    Lucky Price game

    During breaks, we used the chatbot to provide an interactive game for attendees to play. Attendees could participate in the bids and win products by offering the lowest, unique price.

    Post-event survey

    After the event, we used template messages to conduct a post-event survey to gather feedback about the event from attendees.

    Video clip and photos

    It was such a wonderful day and event! Here are some more photos taken from the event for your viewing pleasure. Hope to see you there next year!