LINE Security – Simple, Safe, Secure

Greetings, this is the LINE Security Center. LINE has grown into a global messaging app enjoyed by people from all around the world. We are proud to say that LINE not only offers incredible ease of use, but also a secure environment where users’ information is kept safe and secure.

Our Security Practices Meet World Class Standards

LINE maintains world-class data centers to safeguard user information. These data centers are actively guarded by state-of-the-art security measures and monitoring systems. We monitor user data, 24 hours a day, through the work of dedicated security experts. Access to user information is strictly limited to the smallest number of individuals possible.

To ensure our services are uninterrupted, even by natural disasters or similar emergencies, LINE operates a multi-level data system with numerous fail-safe systems. No matter the situation, user data is always protected in the most secure, encrypted method available.

Introducing Our Security Features

Every day, LINE allows millions of users to communicate instantly with friends, family, and other contacts, via our messaging and calling services. While users communicate, LINE offers a number of security features designed to guarantee every user has a safe and secure experience.

Message Encryption
LINE provides the security function to encrypt 100% of our users’ chat messages, at every network channels – 3G, 4G or even Wi-Fi. In this function, a robust secure algorithm, recommended by the highest encryption authority (NIST: National Security Agency, U.S.) has been adopted. For more information:

Secure Storage and Disposal
LINE stores all user information under secure encryption, including phone numbers, account names, and passwords. If a user decides to withdraw from LINE, this user information is permanently and physically deleted. Afterwards, the information cannot be recovered.

Our deletion procedure for personal information is in strict compliance and certified by the Service Organization Control (SOC). Please refer to our “Security Certification” section below for more information.

LINE provides an Auto-add Friends feature. After a user’s explicit consent, LINE can connect the same user to other users using the information from the user’s address book. For users who opt to use the Auto-add Friends feature, all contact information that users provide to us is stored under secure encryption. Again, for users who prefer not to share their address book, this feature is strictly voluntary.

Spam-Free Communication
LINE is committed to being a spam-free environment. If users would like to prevent strangers from finding them and sending them a friend request, it is as simple as switching off the ID search feature. When a user receives a suspicious or unwelcome message, a single tap reports the suspicious account and blocks it forever. We actively analyze accounts that have been reported repeatedly and restrict their access privileges within LINE, as necessary.

Secure Access Across Multiple Devices
Users can control a single LINE account over multiple devices. If users prefer, they can disable access to their LINE account from other devices. A user can also check if the LINE account is logged in on another device or computer, and terminate other active sessions, at any time.

Downloadable Security App
LINE offers a separate LINE AntiVirus app for Android users, which scans downloaded apps for malicious programs and reports data accessed by these apps in real-time.

Security Certification

Since 2007, LINE has maintained ISO/IEC27001:2005(JIS Q 27001:2006) certification, the international standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). only)

In addition, as of March 2013, LINE is certified globally by SOC2, SOC3, and SysTrust. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are also SOC certified. Please refer to the link for more information: (Japanese only)

At LINE, our security systems and practices meet world class standards. Please rest assured that we are committed to offering a safe, secure, and enjoyable LINE experience to our millions of users, globally.

LINE Security Center
March 11, 2014