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LINE opens community site for third party developers

We are very pleased to announce that we have opened a new site, the LINE Developers community site, which you can easily access from the existing LINE developers site. Note the links are added on the top navigation bar and the left-hand side menu of the developer site.


We hope the site to provide access to various services developed with the LINE API by third party developers, and also a container to stack technical information and know-how on the services developed. Currently, the site provides Bot Directory as a showcase for bots and a Q&A page through which you can ask and search for technical know-hows.

Bot Directory

We have a great interest in the services you develop with the LINE APIs. Bots are something that allows you to develop an app that is quite different to what you can develop with the LINE platform. We wanted to, and still want to know what ideas you come across about bots and how you actually implement them. The Bot Directory page is a window for developers to meet new bots and learn technical aspects of the bots. For your information, the bot list you see differs depending on the language you set to view the site in.


On Bot Directory, you can find bots made by developers from all over the world. A demo or screenshots helps you grasp what the bot is about.


Also, you can get technical information about each bot. Information such as links to Github repositories and documents are being provided.


To provide more use cases and technical information for you, we plan to prepare more references that can actually help you out in the process of developing a bot. As we said earlier, we are delighted to meet new bots. Anyone, as an individual or as a company, can register a bot on the Bot Directory. If you wish to register one yourself, check out the Submit Bot page and contact the Developer Relations team as guided.


Don’t we all face a moment when we wonder how to do something in using the LINE API? What could be more helpful than the experiences from the developers who went up the path already? For you to share those experiences, we have opened up a Q&A page.


Like many other technical forums, you are to free to ask and to answer questions. The API Experts we announced recently will also help you through this page.


Not only are we running a Q&A page but a workspace on Slack for you to communicate with other developers about non-technical matters. Of course the workspace is open to everyone. Come and join us at Slack right now!

Ending notes

We plan to continue making improvements in the LINE developers community site. If you have any comments, thoughts, or questions about the site, please do let us know through Slack. We will be waiting for you!