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‘Let’s Contribute OSS!’ for LINE’s frontend engineers

Hi there you all, this is Kawasako from Frontend Standardization team in LINE. Our team is in charge of developing tools that are commonly required by the frontend development team, for developing products. Also we seek ways to boost information sharing and communication between developers. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our work and our recent workshop.

LINE’s developers, regardless of their office location, can make use of various packages registered, with Private npm (Node.js Package Manager). We use GitHub Enterprise to manage our code, including these packages. Which means, any LINE developer can make modifications to the packages themselves and create pull requests. We ought to contribute to open source projects like we do for our internal projects, but frankly, it doesn’t feel as easy as we do internally.

So, we took an opportunity during the week of Dev Week Global Workshop to encourage developers to take part in open source contribution. Our workshop was named ‘Let’s Contribute OSS!’, and we proposed the following three rules:

  1. At least one unit of contribution per person is required.
  2. The size of contribution does not matter.
  3. We share the content of contribution and we compliment each other about each other’s work.

What we wanted to achieve was for our developers to realize that they too can become OSS contributors, as easy as we volunteer in our local community. For our developers to ease up, we started off with showing them small contributions like changing a single line in documentation. Afterwards, we grouped them into fives, let them settle in cafeteria or meeting rooms, and off they go. In the morning of the first day, teams decided which task or problem to go for and summarized their tasks as GitHub issues. From the afternoon, they got into the actual work, including bug fixing, testing and documentation. On the second day, we had time for presenting the background for choosing the task, and when and how to use their package and documentation.

I am happy to inform you that every single participant accomplished the mission—one contribution per person—and a total of 62 participants have produced 53 pull requests, 33 reports and issues, and 16 translated documents. Some of the target projects included commonly used packages such as Vue.js and Axios; we voted and awarded the team with the biggest contribution.

LINE, as an organization, has been making efforts to contribute in open source projects, and this will lead up to growing our platform. Open source communities have been a great help for us in developing our products.

Our team plans to continue supporting our frontend developers. LINE is currently seeking frontend developers in various areas. For those of you who are interested, please check out the links below.