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Introducing Developer Relations team

This is Kushii from the Tech PR team at LINE. Some of you may already know me for running the Japanese blog. I’ve recently become a member of the Developer Relations team which was set up not so long ago. I wanted have an opportunity to introduce the team to you, so here we go.

Our objectives

Here are what our team is committed to:

  • Encouraging people to make attractive and interesting services using the APIs and the SDK by LINE
  • Letting people know how fun and exciting it is for engineers to work at LINE
  • Doing whatever our engineers feel difficult to do themselves in making improvements at work

If this description seemed rather too casual, let me add a bit of formality on it; our objective is to make improvements in the developer culture, developer community, and the ecosystem through various technical-based activities for developers inside and outside LINE. Our team consists of people from so many different areas, it will be hard to find a team of such combination even in LINE. Our members include evangelists, advocates, and people from technical marketing, promotion, and even HR.

Let’s have a look into the details. Here is what we aim to achieve externally.

  • Encourage people to have more interest in LINE’s technology
  • Publicize LINE’s technology in depth
  • Support developments using LINE’s technology
  • Provide opportunities to work at LINE

Now, for LINE engineers:

  • Provide more opportunities for engineers to understand our technology in depth
  • Support LINE developers to be motivated and to engage in tech communities outside LINE
  • Improve working environment for developers
  • Create and expand an attractive culture inside LINE

One of our daily tasks is to brainstorm how we can spread LINE’s attractive technology further.

Objectives into action

Now, let’s have a look at actual tasks we plan to carry out to achieve our goals. To help you understand better, I’ll refer to the objectives I’ve shared with you.

Encouraging people to have more interest in LINE’s technology, Publicizing LINE’s technology

Actually, these are not new to us. These are what we’ve been doing all along, but from now on we are going to be engaged more.

  • Holding technical events at LINE including LINE Developer meetups, hackathons, LINE DEVELOPER DAY and LINE BOT AWARDS
  • Supporting external events and presentations
  • Supporting developer communities and the ecosystem
  • Providing information online using this blog, social media services and external content

Support developments making use of LINE’s technology

We plan to strengthen our support for third party developers to make the best use of the LINE APIs.

  • Continue to running and making improvements in the LINE Developers site
  • Set up a program, the LINE API Expert1), to certify “skilled engineers who have a deep understanding of the APIs provided by LINE and are influential in the community”
  • Open events for participants to makes use of the LINE APIs, such as LINE BOT AWARDS

We are hoping these attempts will open up doors to more developers to come work with us at LINE. It may sound rather unmodest, but we have a great team of people working to support our developers; our working environment for developers is one of the best.

Get LINE’s tech info

We’d like to invite you to the following media which we mainly provide technical information through.


We try not to become all-about-technology on our social media accounts. Become a follower and don’t feel shy to like our posts!


You can find technical insights and presentations given by our engineers on our blog. The Advent Calendar series which we ran for the last couple of years seems to gain positive feedback from readers.


To join our meetups and bootcamps in Japan, apply here.


Presentation slides provided in meetups or events are usually shared through Slideshare.


On our YouTube account, we share presentations given at LINE DEVELOPER DAYs.

LINE Official Account

Become a friend of LINE’s Official Account through which we share the latest news on the LINE platform, such as API release. Scan the QR code underneath or tap the Add Friends button on your phone.


Tech events by LINE

LINE holds various events including regular and annual events.

Note. Most of the events we introduce on this post had been held in Japan.

LINE Developer Meetup

LINE Developer Meetups give you a chance to listen to LINE’s own developers presenting about technology used at LINE. Currently, meetups are available in Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka, in Japan. Each meet up consists of two sessions; a tech talk and a dinner party, giving you a chance to chat with LINE developers. The following is a meetup held in Tokyo.

Dev Meetup Tokyo

You can see the participants enjoying the second part of a meetup in Kyoto.

Dev Meetup Kyoto

For more information on the meetups held in Japan, visit LINE Developer Meetup – connpass (Japanese site).

LINE Developer Bootcamp

LINE Developer Bootcamps provide seminars for novices to learn and get their hands on coding. Seminar topics and materials are prepared for you, you only need to bring your own laptop. A LINE developer will take you through development with a step by step introduction. Bootcamps are held regularly, so if you have never attended one before, now is the time to come and experience what it’s like. Make your registration here (Japanese site) now!

Dev line-dev-bootcamp

Gov Hack

Gov Hack (Japanese site) is a type of hackathon sponsored by Code for Japan and organized by Hack Camp (Japanese site). Developer communities and local government gather to solve local problems with the services LINE provides, such as chatbot.

Gov Hack


LINE Developer Day is an annual conference held in fall in which about 1,000 developers attend. We share the technology we are focusing on and products in development. Presentation materials and recordings are shared after the event. To see the ones of LINE DEVELOPER DAY in 2017, click here.

LINE Dev Day

You can attend technical sessions, enjoy exhibits and learn many ways to make the best use of LINE services.

LINE Dev Day Exhibits


LINE BOT AWARDS started from 2016, together with the LINE Messaging API release. We are planning the next round in time for the Clova SDK release. In the meantime, get yourself geared up with bot skills and stay tuned for the upcoming event!



ISUCON is a speed up contest where you battle for speeding up a given Web service based on the regulation given. So far, seven contests had been opened and in the latest one, ISUCON7, over 1,000 people attended the event. If you are interested in the contest, check their official blog (Japanese site).


Events sponsored by LINE in 2017

LINE doesn’t put restriction on geographical boundary in accepting presentation requests from tech communities. While trying to accept most of requests, we also sponsor technical events in various ways. We may sponsor financially, provide support for running and/or planning the event or provide a venue. The following lists the ones we sponsored in 2017.

Month Event
Annual support

Japan Perl Association (Japan)


Developers Summit 2017 (Japan)


try! Swift 2017 Tokyo (Japan)

The 79th National Convention by IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan) (Japan, English site)

NLP 2017, the 23rd conference by The Association of Natural Language Processing (Japan)

Microsoft Innovation Award 2017 (Japan)


Elixir Conf Japan 2017 (Japan)


The 21st Shirahama Cyber Crime Symposium & The 12th Crisis Management Contest (Japan)

JJUG CCC 2017 Spring (Japan)

JSAI2017, the 31st National Conference by The Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence) (Japan)


Kimchicon 2017 (Korea)


YAPC::Fukuoka 2017 HAKATA (Japan)

Developers Summit 2017 Summer (Japan)

SECUINSIDE 2017 (Korea)

DevRelCon Tokyo 2017 (Japan)

OpenStack Days Tokyo 2017 (Japan)


The 12th symposium for Young Researcher Association for NLP Studies (YANS) (Japan)

CEDEC 2017 (Japan)

PyCon.KR 2017 (Korea)

SECCON 2017 (Final Round) (Japan)

HITCON CMT 2017(Taipei)


PyCon JP 2017 in Tokyo (Japan)

iOSDC Japan 2017 (Japan)


The 28th National Programming Contest for Colleges of Technology (Oshima, 2017) (Japan)

ISUCON7 (Japan)


Spring Fest 2017 (Japan)


Product Manager conference 2017 (Japan)


ACM-ICPC 2017 Asia Tsukuba Regional (Japan)

Of the ones we supported in 2017, there are some memorable events I’d like to share with you.

We sponsored JJUG CCC 2017 Spring with sushi for the dinner party. As you can see from the picture below, we prepared a lot of Tekkamaki (sushi roll made with Tuna) which is colored black, white and red; the colors of Duke, the Java mascot!


At try!Swift Tokyo 2017 we set up a booth to boost up the participants with coffee and orange juice. If you had Sally, a LINE friend, inside your coffee cup sleeve, you got yourself a portable power bank, something that could be helpful to smartphone app developers.

tryswift Tokyo 2017

At National AI Symposium 2017, we played a video clip on Clova, an AI assistant, along with Brown and Sally Dorayaki (Traditional Japanese confection).

AI Conference

Internal affairs

Over 600 LINE engineers work in Japan, across Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka. Since we are everywhere, communicating and sharing information is crucial, especially technical ones. We occasionally set up sessions to share reports on attending external events. Our team is committed not only to holding up events, but also to making new systems or programs together with our HR to provide a better and inspiring working environment for our developers. On this post, let me share the events we hold on a regular basis.


Hackathons are opened regularly with a certain topic and usually run for an hour to two. I’ll share a couple of them held in 2017. The first one is the one on developing LINE BOTs using the Microsoft Cognitive Services API, as shown below.

Bot hackathon

Next is IoT hackathon. This hackathon was open to those who had no experience in e-craft, and the participants had to come up with a product. The introductory session was led by an experienced Liner, and each participant was given a month to develop their product. From time to time, the participants met up to get help from experienced developers.

IoT Hackathon

At the end of the hackathon, each participant had to give a presentation on their final product. What you can see from the following is a presentation on displaying power consumption of a household on a smart meter in realtime, using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Wi-SUN. Various products were presented, including the ones integrated with a LINE bot.

IoT Hackathon Presentation

Dev Week Global Workshop

We had a massive workshop, 2017 Dev Week Global Workshop, for three days in Korea with LINE engineers flying in from Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Dev Week

Summing up

In 2018, we plan to put more efforts in sharing and promoting information with internal and external developers, through presenting and sponsoring technical communities and events. Many of our previous involvement in sponsoring have been in the communities ran by LINE’s engineers too. Our sponsorship will continue for the ones that make use of LINE’s technology. If you wish to get our help in opening events or running a technical community, feel free to ask us @LINE_DEV on Twitter. Anyone can get DMs.

Many of our activities covered in this post had taken place in Japan, but we do plan to reach out to the world. In parallel to continuing what we have been doing, we will also start new activities like the LINE API Expert, certifying experts in using LINE’s technology and also, start an online community2).

Our aim is to walk with developers—as individuals and communities—to create an eco-system around LINE, and not fall into the pitfalls of being narrow-minded. We will continue to support you in various ways for more developers to learn about LINE’s technical activities and for you to enjoy your life being a developer.

1) LINE API Expert has been added to the LINE Developers site before this translation was prepared. See a post on it, here.

2) The online community has opened before this translation was prepared. See a post on it, here.