Interview with MEB

This article is an interview conducted by Jirawat Karanwittayakarn, a technology evangelist at LINE Thailand, with MEB Corporation. MEB Corporation is a well-known leader in the e-book industry in Thailand. We had a chance to meet them and ask how they integrated their service with LINE Pay.


LINE> Hi, could you introduce a little bit about yourself?

MEB> Hi, my name is Rud Budsayaplakorn, the General Manager of the Research and Development team at MEB Corporation.


LINE> Could you tell me about your service/application?

MEB> Our main service is MEB, a Mobile E-Book distributor. We are ranked as the top earning e-book seller in Thailand by providing our services on various platforms — Android, iOS, Web, Windows and MacOS.

LINE> Why did you consider using LINE Pay as your payment method?

MEB> We came to know Rabbit LINE Pay* around 3 or 4 years ago through the Rabbit LINE Pay’s marketing team. They approached us and introduced Rabbit LINE Pay as a new option for e-book purchasing payment. At that time, we were using solutions such as Paysbuy, 2C2P and Paypal. So, we added Rabbit LINE Pay on our system.

*Note: LINE Pay is known as Rabbit LINE Pay in Thailand.


LINE> How did you integrate Rabbit LINE Pay with your service?

MEB> At first, we encountered difficulties due to insufficient documentation, but still, we were well supported by the Rabbit LINE Pay team. They helped us through to the completion of the integration. We used PHP for integrating Rabbit LINE Pay.

LINE> How many developers were involved in the integration?

MEB> Initially, we had two people as main PIC (Person in Charge) for Rabbit LINE Pay, but right now, everyone in our unit can manage and operate the system, as it’s not that difficult anymore and the document has been improved now.


LINE> How long did it take to integrate Rabbit LINE Pay with your service?

MEB> We spent only two months to develop the system from sandbox to production. Actually, we think that the process of changing from sandbox to production was not that complicated at all. Just changing the endpoints and some significant key factors would do.

LINE> How does MEB promote Rabbit LINE Pay to users?

MEB> We’ve put Rabbit LINE Pay as the top payment solution above the others on our UI. Rabbit LINE Pay supports our partnership very well through the Rabbit LINE Pay Official Account; thanks to their support, our service is maintaining high traffic.

LINE> Could you share the feedback from your users??

MEB> Despite coming into our system later than other payment solutions, Rabbit LINE Pay has gained quite high usage via credit cards. Thai users are very satisfied with Rabbit LINE Pay promotions. To name a few, there were LINE Sticker giveaways, LINE merchandise giveaways, discount campaigns and cash back campaigns; the variety of Rabbit LINE Pay promotions is much more wide compared to other payment channels.


LINE> What are the pros and cons of Rabbit LINE Pay?

MEB> Pros – LINE’s massive user base, various promotions, easy development/integration process according to international standard. Cons – Incomplete payment on iPad. Users still cannot complete Rabbit LINE Pay payment via iPad, they need to use a mobile phone to scan QR code to proceed with the payment.

LINE> Are you interested in other features of LINE Platform like creating a chatbot?

MEB> Besides the LINE Pay API, we are also using the LINE Login API, as LINE’s user base is huge, covering children to elderly. Using the LINE Login API would make the process of identity verification much easier for them. In terms of chatbots, we don’t have any plan yet for this year.

LINE> As an engineer, do you feel confident with the Rabbit LINE Pay system?

MEB> Yes, MEB Corp and I totally trust Rabbit LINE Pay for its efficiency and security.

LINE> Thank you very much!