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Interview with Major Cineplex

This article is an interview conducted by Jirawat Karanwittayakarn, a technology evangelist at LINE Thailand, with Major Cineplex Corporation, a movie theater company.


LINE> Hi, may I ask you to start off with a brief introduction?

Major Cineplex> Hi, my name is Thotsaphon Maytheetanpongwanit, I am the director of mobile business. These days, I look after social media, digital marketing, mobile apps, strategy & innovation areas as well as partnership to accomplish the world class payment system.


LINE> Could you tell me about your service/application?

Major Cineplex> Major Cineplex is Thailand’s number one movie theater company. We’ve been seeing the consumers moving toward online channels. So we’ve been bringing in technology and innovation into our business and focused mainly on providing better customer experiences. We are one of the first company in Thailand to bring in E-Ticketing kiosks to sell tickets.


Since the population of smartphone users are growing ever more, we started to develop a mobile app to serve our customers. We’ve recently been ranked the top for the number of downloads in the entertainment category and number 3 in overall categories in Thailand’s App Store.

We also strive to provide convenient services to our customers and payment is one of our priority; we accept credit cards, VISA QR Payment and E-Wallet. We saw that most consumers used LINE and Rabbit LINE Pay*, so we chose Rabbit LINE Pay to become one of our payment services. Customers can pay for tickets with Rabbit LINE Pay on E-Ticketing kiosks, our website, our mobile app, Chatbot Ticketing, Facebook Ticketing or even on the LINE app. LINE users can just book tickets through the LINE app on their Rabbit LINE Pay Wallet.

*Note: LINE Pay is known as Rabbit LINE Pay in Thailand.


LINE> Why did you consider using LINE Pay as your payment method?

Major Cineplex> Two years ago, Rabbit LINE Pay began its service and became well-known ever since in Thailand. And our customers wanted to pay with Rabbit LINE Pay, so we decided to opt Rabbit LINE Pay as one of our payment solutions. The feedback from our customers is very good after we added this solution because it’s very easy to use and convenient.


LINE> How did you integrate LINE Pay API with your service?

Major Cineplex> For the integration, we just followed the Rabbit LINE Pay document, which was clear and easy to understand. We developed in sandbox first and then deployed into production. We used Swift for programming.

LINE> How many developers were involved in the integration?

Major Cineplex> Two developers.

LINE> How long did it take to integrate Rabbit LINE Pay with your service?

Major Cineplex> We spent a total of three months developing, testing and rolling out to 140 branches nationwide.

LINE> How do you promote Rabbit LINE Pay to users?

Major Cineplex> We use LINE, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube as online media channels. We have attached the Rabbit LINE Pay logo on the website and on our mobile app. Also, we have promoted Rabbit LINE Pay through our 140 movie theaters. Rabbit LINE Pay also helped us for providing a promotion menu on the LINE app as well.

LINE> Could you share the feedback from your users?

Major Cineplex> They enjoy seamless payment experience, especially teenagers like the service because they cannot apply for a credit card. Rabbit LINE Pay also comes with a lot of good promotions.


LINE> What are the pros and cons of Rabbit LINE Pay?

Major Cineplex> Pro – The manual is pretty straightforward and easy to understand and no critical issues occurred after rolling out. There are no cons.

LINE> Are you interested in other features of LINE Platform like creating a chatbot?

Major Cineplex> We are now studying LINE Chatbot, LINE Beacon, LINE Notify, LINE Login and LIFF so that we can communicate more closely with our customers.

LINE> Do you have a plan of new features to be introduced in the near future?

Major Cineplex> We will have a news feed on LINE Today soon and we are bringing machine learning to help introducing promotions.

LINE> As an engineer, do you trust Rabbit LINE Pay system?

Major Cineplex> After using Rabbit LINE Pay, we have been watching closely and have not seen any critical issue for the past two years so we are highly confident with Rabbit LINE Pay and this is why we made Rabbit LINE Pay available on all channels we have — E-Ticketing Kiosk, Mobile app and Website.

LINE> Do you have any request to Rabbit LINE Pay?

Major Cineplex> Reduce steps in the payment process. For example, we could skip opening another screen for payment; maybe we could just use fingerprint scan and confirm the payment, like using an Apple ID.

LINE> Thank you very much.