Interview with Double A

This article is an interview conducted by Jirawat Karanwittayakarn, a technology evangelist at LINE Thailand, with Double A Corporation, a company servicing cloud-based printing. Double A Corporation has integrated their service with LINE Pay, and we asked how they were going with it.

Double A Team.jpg

LINE> Hi, may I ask you to start off with a brief introduction?

Double A> Hi, my name is Pakpoom Kanitlekakarn, the Network & Telecommunication Manager at Double A (1991) Public Company Limited.


LINE> Could you tell me about your service/application?

Double A> Double A Fast Print provides a printing service on mobile apps and web apps via cloud, offering convenience for customers; customers can order a printing service 24/7 from over 1,000 Fast Print branches nationwide, around schools, universities and co-working spaces and so on. Customers can select files to be printed from smartphones, laptops or leading cloud storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and others, select the Fast Print branch and then pay via online payment. Customers can get their documents from the selected printer right away. Fast Print has a variety of payment channels, including Fast Print Wallet, credit cards and Rabbit LINE Pay*. Rabbit LINE Pay is the most widely used payment channel currently.

*Note: LINE Pay is known as Rabbit LINE Pay in Thailand.

LINE> Why did you consider using LINE Pay as your payment method?

Double A> We consider LINE as the No.1 chat app in Thailand, with over 42 million user base; especially Gen-Y and Gen-Z customers (students) who are familiar with using Rabbit LINE Pay based on our digital lifestyle nowadays. In addition, Rabbit LINE Pay is a payment system that has been certified by PCI-DSS, thus ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. As a result, we’ve chosen Rabbit LINE Pay as one of our payment channels.


LINE> How did you integrate Rabbit LINE Pay with your service?

Double A> After registering a Rabbit LINE Pay’s account, we got a Channel ID and a secret key. Then we wrote a script to integrate Rabbit LINE Pay with our system using RESTful API and used Swift for development.

LINE> How many developers were involved in the integration?

Double A> Five in total, including internal and outsourced members.

LINE> How long did it take to integrate Rabbit LINE Pay with your service?

Double A> We spent about a week developing our system to connect with Rabbit LINE Pay in sandbox, and when we took it up to production, we spent less than a month, including testing. Clear and easy-to-understand document helped us develop the system quickly.

LINE> How do you promote Rabbit LINE Pay to users?

Double A> We have an introduction video played on Fast Print machines, on our website, Facebook page and we have standees for Rabbit LINE Pay near our machines.


LINE> Could you share your user feedback?

Double A> Very good feedback both in terms of its ease of use and its attractive promotions. We can say that 60% of our total revenue came from Rabbit LINE Pay.

LINE> What are the pros and cons of Rabbit LINE Pay?

Double A>


  • System is easy to use for customers.
  • For developers, API comes with sandbox, allowing us to develop and test the system flow.
  • System has Merchant Center for administrators to manage Fast Print income.

Cons – None

LINE> Are you interested in other features of LINE Platform like creating a chatbot?

Double A> Definitely. We have integrated the LINE Login service to let users login to Fast Print system, the LINE Notify service to notify back-end staff when any branch runs out of ink. We also have a plan to utilize a chatbot to receive printing orders and answer customer inquiries, offering customers a better experience by providing a fast service to serve their needs. And we are currently studying LIFF, the LINE Front-end Framework, for online commerce.


LINE> Do you have a plan to introduce new features with LINE Pay in near future?

Double A> We’re developing a top-up system by using Rabbit LINE Pay.

LINE> As an engineer, do you feel confident with Rabbit LINE Pay system?

Double A> We feel very confident using the Rabbit LINE Pay system, we’ve never had a server crash even once since we integrated it with our system. In terms of safety, we are also confident, as Rabbit LINE Pay is PCI-DSS certified.

LINE> Do you have any request to Rabbit LINE Pay?

Double A> It would be great if Rabbit LINE Pay could expand its service coverage to China, Korea, Hong Kong and other South East Asian countries to support Fast Print’s expansion in the future.