Engineering Culture at LINE

Being an engineer at LINE means working with highly talented people,
taking ownership of projects, and delivering incredible value to
over 185 million monthly active users all over the world, every day


What if you were responsible for deciding what to do and how to do it for yourself? Well, that happens all the time here at LINE.
Our engineers take ownership of their own projects and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

We bring together talented people with different skills and levels of experience and encourage them to be innovative and creative.
We don’t impose limits on our engineers, instead we let them work to their full potential.

When engineers discover a problem, see an opportunity for improvement, or have a new idea; they take it upon themselves to do something about it.


Our engineers are responsible for developing a messaging app as well as a wide selection of family apps and games to over 220 million people worldwide. We have offices in various locations and our engineering teams usually have remote members. We work closely with people who are of different nationalities, of different cultures, and who speak different languages.


Our engineers always trust and respect others. We strive to have self-directed teams of talented engineers with full autonomy over their projects.
While we encourage our engineers to take risks, we also believe in doing so responsibly.

In addition, we look to build a unique culture through positive peer pressure based on trust.
This healthy feedback cycle lets us learn from each other and makes our teams stronger.

LINE Engineering Culture