【Internship Report】Design and Implementation of FRRouting IS-IS SRv6 Extension

My name is Naoyuki Tachibana. I participated in the LINE internship joining the Network Development Team of the Verda Department for six weeks from September 6th. I developed an extension of the SRv6 function for the IS-IS daemon of FRR, which is the open-source routing platform LINE used in the data center, as the theme of the internship. I will introduce the result in this article.

【Team & Project】Meet the Team Developing the Verda Platform Using OpenStack and Kubernetes

「Team & Project」 takes a look at different departments within LINE’s development organization and introduces their roles and team structure, tech stacks, challenges that lie ahead, roadmaps, and more.
In this edition, we sat down to chat with members of the Verda Platform Development Team. Part of the Verda Department which in turn is under the IT Service Center (supervises all infrastructure), the team works on development for the Verda Platform.

Verda Platform Development Team at the zoom meeting