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Developing server-side with Kotlin & entering Clova Skill Awards

Hello fellow readers! We are, Kagaya, working on the LINE GAME Platform development team and Akira, on the LINE LIVE Android app development team. Have you ever used Kotlin? Kotlin is a static-typed programming language that runs on JVM, and has been developed by JetBrains, well-known for making IDEs like IntelliJ and Android Studio. Kotlin has been announced as an official development language for Android in Google I/O last year. We’ve shared that we are using Kotlin for our Android app in the post, Why we use Kotlin in LINE Creators Studio. We are still using Kotlin for our new apps and also, we’ve been converting existing apps into Kotlin, and are in the process of refactoring. Many of LINE Android apps, including LINE the message app, LINE LIVE, LINE Creators Studio and Clova (AI assistant) have been employing Kotlin.