Customizing Armeria metrics

In my last post, Monitoring Prometheus metrics from Armeria, we took a look at how you can monitor Armeria metrics using Grafana. In this post, I would like to show you how you can customize Armeria metrics to suit your needs. The sample code in this post uses the same sample code from Monitoring Prometheus metrics from […]

Using Circuit Breakers with Armeria

What is a circuit breaker? Suppose an unexpected failure occurs (For example, a network issue or a server crash) and a remote server is unable to respond to the request. If so, the client who made the request to the remote server will either wait for a response until a timeout occurs, consume resources, or […]

A new challenge for LINE Timeline – 1

A feature called “Discover” and a new subscription model called “Follow” have been added to the LINE Timeline service. Although users are familiar with these features, we ended up writing this post because we wanted to share the parts that we had considered and made efforts on within these features. Starting with this introduction, we have planned a three-part series to bring you more detailed information.