EuroSTAR Conference 2018

What is EuroSTAR Conference 2018 EuroSTAR is an annual Software Testing Conference hosted in Europe, in November. The topics of the conference covered vary from improving software development process, like DevOps and Agile, or AI related automation testing, and also the mindset building-up to overcome recognization biases. For the details of this yearly Software Testers Festival, […]

Automatically inspecting and testing with Google Analytics

Abstract Google Analytics testing for TODAY Using Google Analytics (GA) is a common way to track traffic on websites. With GA, you can learn important information such as the number of visitors on a specific page and even sort them by device model or country, so that operations team can use these data to analyze the visitors’ behavior. After analyzing, operations team can strategically optimize the […]

Test Automation Workshop 2018 Tokyo

Welcome to Test Automation Workshop It’s a great pleasure for me to share our latest event with you all. I am Moses Kim from the Software Engineer in Test team at LINE. Last October, test automation teams from LINE’s global offices gathered at LINE Tokyo office for a workshop — Test Automation Workshop 2018 — […]

Agile Testing Days 2017

Last winter in 2017, we—Marc and Kent, QA engineers from LINE Taiwan office—had an opportunity to attend one of the most well known software testing conferences in Europe called Agile Testing Days 2017 in Potsdam, Germany. Agile Testing Days or ATD has been hosting this conference every year for almost a decade and the community grows each year. It was a four full day conference with over 600 attendees, 160 sessions and 130 speakers. The conference week was jam-packed, that at times there were at most 8 parallel on-going sessions, which makes it difficult for us to decide on which track to attend because there were so many interesting topics.

Using Docker to build a testing infrastructure for web UI and mobile

Suppose you are to setup test automation. Building and maintaining a whole test infrastructure all by your team can be painful. Although some cloud services like Sauce Labs do cover DevOps, you may have hesitated to use them due to security issues or budget concerns in your company. Docker is a good tool for you to setup and maintain servers for test automation, especially if you are just starting to build an automation test infrastructure with open source solutions.

Of the open source solutions, Selenium is an open source framework for automating UI tests. It allows you to simulate user flow by executing scripts on different browsers. Selenium-Grid consists of hub servers and node servers to let you execute tests in parallel to speed up testing. When a hub receives requests from clients, the requests are rerouted to an appropriate node server, based on the capability parameters.