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NAVER x LINE AI RUSH 2019 – My Experience of the Final Round

At the LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2018 conference held in Tokyo, LINE Corporation CTO Park Euivin announced “Next LINE” as LINE’s vision in the development of technology. In this vision, AI (Artificial Intelligence), blockchain, and fintech would play a pivotal role. “Connect” and “Mutually Beneficial Ecosystem” were touted as significant keywords that would lead the organization […]

Introducing Rekcurd for Clova

Machine learning (ML) is getting more and more popular these days. You probably are using it already at your work, or have been encouraged to have a go at it. Thanks to its popularity, we see more tools and frameworks for machine learning emerging. Not only that, anyone can learn linear regression, logistic regression as well as various deep learning algorithms such as Perceptron, Adaboost, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine and XGBoost. Although we are seeing growth in tools and frameworks for learning, there are not enough tools or frameworks for operating machine learning modules. Which brings me to introduce a machine learning management platform, Rekcurd, we use for the LINE’s AI platform, Clova.