How to use E-ink with LINE Things

Hello again! This is Ukrit Pongsathaporn back with another post about LINE Things. This post will be going over the capabilities and features of the demo device to be used with LINE Things. Today, we’d like to introduce you to LINE Things’ latest device, LINE Things E-card (Bluetooth Low Energy Electronic Display)! It is a […]

Trying out LINE’s IoT Platform through LINE Things Developer Trial

Have you heard of LINE’s latest IoT platform? Ever wanted to connect your Bluetooth LE device to LINE? LINE Things can do just that! A Developer Trial program has recently been announced at LINE Developer Day 2018, held in November 2018, which allows all developers to easily integrate their Bluetooth LE devices into LINE’s ecosystem through LINE Things. This article will walk you through the procedures to create your very own device to connect to LINE. We will be using the ESP32 sample code in this tutorial.