【Internship Report】 Implementation of the IU Web search completion function

Hello. My name is Ryoto Suzuki. I am a first-year master’s student at the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo.

I participated in the LINE internship of the engineer/working-type course for six weeks from August 23rd.

During this internship, I belonged to the IU Dev Team of the Data Platform Department and was engaged in the improvement of the search function of the data catalog “IU Web,” which was used in LINE. In this blog, I will introduce the details.

How we developed and integrated ‘share’ module into LINE app – 2

In Part I, we defined the following six categories to share our experience, difficulties and solutions of the Share module development for LINE iOS and covered the first two categories.
In this Part II, we will cover the remaining four categories. We will continue our story with the thinking process we went through to implement a structure for easier maintenance and expansion, on top of meeting various requirements for many LINE services.