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  • Write the Docs Prague 2018 Recap
    Jeongil Kang 2018.10.05

    I am a technical writer in charge of writing and managing the Clova documentation.

    Hi all, this is Jeongil from Technical Writing team in LINE. I am based in Korea, and have been in the field of Technical writing for the past ten years. Currently, my main job is writing and managing Clova documentation for third-party developers.

    Perhaps this is the first time for you to hear of technical writing or may be you have heard about it but don't exactly know what it is. In Korea, there is no degree programs for technical writing and in fact, it is quite difficult to find a person of this profession, especially the ones in the software industry, writing infrastructure documents or API references.

    Having a rather small ecosystem, us technical writers in Korea rely much on web searches or team members for getting the latest news, tips, know-hows and strategies for technical writing. We struggle with such limited resources. Write the Docs Prague 2018 really hit the spot for me.

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