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  • Write you a webpack for great good
    Jun 2018.10.05

    I am a front-end developer at LINE. I'm interested in programming languages.

    Module bundlers have become quite popular in the world of JavaScript. Today, I'd like us to briefly see the concept of it, get into how it really works, and I'll share the story of making a module bundler myself.

    What is a module bundler?

    Module systems structure a large-scale code base into units of modules. For long, there has been no module system for JavaScript, but ever since Node.js started to use a module system called CommonJS from 2009, modular programming became a common practice. Also, ES Module, a new module system, has been added to the JavaScript specification in the ECMAScript 2015. It's hard to imagine coding JavaScript without modules nowadays.

    JavaScript module bundler summer homework

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  • Combining Slackbots into one, with gRPC
    Suzuki Shunsuke 2018.09.21

    Hello all! I am suzuki-shunsuke from LINE IT Strategy team who is in charge of developing and running internal systems. Today, I'd like to share how I merged multiple Slack bots into one using gRPC.

    How it all began

    These days, my main tasks as a member of Slack management team, are making and operating slack bots at LINE. One day, we got a request to combine the bots we use into a single bot, for the following reasons:

    • Inviting numerous bots into a chat is a fuss.
    • Knowing all the bots available is difficult.
    • Adding more functions to a single bot is better than adding more bots.

    slack grpc Slack Bot summer homework

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  • Go GC
    Haruki Okada 2018.09.21

    Hi, I am Okada(@ocadaruma), a member of the LINE Ads Platform team. I've been interested in Go's GC (Garbage Collection or Garbage Collector) for a while, which got me even to write a post about it. Go is a programming language developed by Google and supports garbage collection. Go also supports concurrency through channels. Many companies, including Google, are using Go, and LINE also uses Go for developing tools and services.

    Go GC

    Using Go, you can easily develop low-latency applications. Go GC seems much simpler than the runtime of other languages. As of Go 1.10, the garbage collector for Go is the Concurrent Mask & Sweep (CMS) collector which does not compact and is not generational. This is nothing like JVM.

    Go summer homework

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  • Data system opens its doors to all Liners
    Keiji Yoshida 2018.08.30

    I am a data engineer at LINE Data Labs.

    This is Keiji Yoshida, a data engineer from LINE Data Labs. From 2017, our team has been working on building and providing a system where any Liner could access data of services they are involved in.

    Have you heard of LINE Data Labs?

    LINE Data Labs is a team supporting LINE services, with data; we expertise in collecting, processing, aggregating and analyzing data for each LINE service and provide our result to service members. About 50 members consisting of machine learning engineers, data scientist, data designers and data engineers work together to collect and aggregate data and provide BI (Business Intelligence) and reporting service for visualization. We help service stakeholders to make decision with analyzed data and continually seek ways to help them such as applying machine learning to services and so on.

    Data Labs summer homework

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  • How Promgen routes notifications
    Paul Traylor 2018.08.07

    Currently working on making server monitoring and alerting easier for developers to use.

    I'm Paul Traylor in LINE Fukuoka's Development Department where I focus on tooling to monitor many servers used to support LINE family apps. One of my main tasks is to maintain Promgen which is a tool for managing Prometheus targets and routing alerts to the correct team.

    Flow diagram

    Promgen Prometheus Notification summer homework

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