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  • Using BitBar to monitor Prometheus alerts
    Paul Traylor 2017.04.28

    Currently working on making server monitoring and alerting easier for developers to use.

    Taking advantage of the menu bar on macOS

    I'm Paul Traylor from LINE Fukuoka's development team. Since starting at LINE, my primary responsibility has been working with Prometheus and Grafana to update our internal server monitoring system into something that is easier to use. The end goal is to make it possible for developers to easily set their own alerts. Since I'm in charge of monitoring the monitoring system, I often have to look at many different charts and check servers from several different environments. As it gets quite difficult to keep an eye on everything, I like to find small tools that make that easier. One of my favorites to work with is a tool called BitBar, which allows me to build simple status plugins to observe anything that I can think of.

    BitBar Prometheus plugin monitoring

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