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  • Write you a webpack for great good
    Jun 2018.10.05

    I am a front-end developer at LINE. I'm interested in programming languages.

    Module bundlers have become quite popular in the world of JavaScript. Today, I'd like us to briefly see the concept of it, get into how it really works, and I'll share the story of making a module bundler myself.

    What is a module bundler?

    Module systems structure a large-scale code base into units of modules. For long, there has been no module system for JavaScript, but ever since Node.js started to use a module system called CommonJS from 2009, modular programming became a common practice. Also, ES Module, a new module system, has been added to the JavaScript specification in the ECMAScript 2015. It's hard to imagine coding JavaScript without modules nowadays.

    JavaScript module bundler summer homework

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