Diagramming software architecture using C4 model and C4-PlantUML

Hello, all. My name is Jeongil Kang, and I’m a technical writer at LINE. How are you all doing? I can’t help but ask about your well-being first amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes to our lifestyles. Among those changes, one of the more noticeable ones was that most conferences […]

Intern Report – A survey on selection techniques of consensus participants in blockchains

Hello, I am Takahashi. I participated in the internship of the engineering on-the-job training course in 2020. I usually research algorithms and data structures at Kyoto University. During my internship, I became a member of the LINE Blockchain Lab team, where I conducted research on various blockchain technologies and proposed functional improvements based on my […]

Connecting with Vietnam’s Tech Community

Going with the flow of the IT landscape, and also as the first step on our journey to build LINE Technology Vietnam a desirable employer brand, we aspire to increase our share of voice and presence, and connection to IT talents via varied activities. The community’s positive and widespread reception will send ripples across the society, propelling us on our way to contribute to Vietnam’s tech sector, and become the top-of-mind brand in both employees’ and candidates’ heart alike.

With the new year 2021 on our doorsteps, we invite you to reflect with us on what we did throughout the past year.

[Team & Project] Introducing the team in charge of Site Reliability Engineering for the Verda platform

In the Team & Project series, each department and project in LINE’s development organization is introduced in detail, including their roles, structures, technology stacks, future issues, and roadmaps. This time, we will introduce the team that is working on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) for Verda, which is LINE’s private cloud. We spoke with Park Youngwoon, […]

Performance Test in Jenkins – Run Dynamic Pod Executors in Kubernetes Parallelly

Performance tests are a necessary and crucial part of all services in LINE, which ensures that software applications will perform well under the expected workload. Whenever features which may affect overall user experience are implemented, performance testing is executed as a part of the testing plan. But setting up and maintaining a performance test environment is […]

Using user story points for smarter project management (feat. LINE Pay dev team)

Getting started In this post, I’d like to share the use cases of story points during LINE Pay’s app and server development. I hope this post will provide you with an opportunity to understand story points better and make good use of them. What are story points? Before directly diving into story points, let’s first […]


Hi, this is Momoki from Developer Success Team.

We held LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020, LINE’s technology conference, for three days from November 25 to 27. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated, all the guests and internal speakers, and everyone involved in the organization of the event.

LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020 was our first online event due to the spread of COVID-19. In this article, I will look back at the trends in registration, participation, and viewing of LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020, along with various figures, by excerpting and editing some of the content from the internal report.

【Team & Project】 Introducing LINE’s Infrastructure Security Experts

LINE’s software engineers belong in development centers comprised of different departments running various projects. The Team & Project series takes a closer look at these departments and projects, their roles, team structure, tech stacks, challenges that lie ahead, roadmaps, and more. In this blog post, we interviewed members of the Infra Protection Team who keep […]