LINE x Amazon: Technical discussion

We recently had a technical discussion with Amazon at their HQ, Seattle. Fifteen Liners from Planning, Sales, Development and Evangelism participated in the event, and I participated as a facilitator. My guess is that you’d want to find out what discussed, but unfortunately, all I can share with you for now is the non-technical aspects of the trip. So, I’ll briefly share some of the pictures.

Tech Discussion @ Amazon

The purpose of having the discussion was to increase the synergy between our businesses and also to firm our relationship. After getting to know each other, we divided ourselves into teams and started heated discussion. By the way, I facilitated the second discussion. The outcomes of the discussions were very satisfying and we hope to continue this constructive relationship with Amazon.

Tech Discussion @ Amazon Discussion

We had a dinner party afterwards, and enjoyed each other’s company. Due to our flight schedule, we had some spare time which gave us time to experience an impressive shopping experience at Amazon Go.

Tech Discussion @ Amazon Socializing

We plan to hold various types of events like this, to maximize our customers’ business in Japan and anywhere else in the world. If your company is interested, please contact our sales team. We are also actively recruiting, so if you are interested, check out our job openings here.

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