Profiling a simple performance issue in a JVM-based server

I work on the backend code that supports some of LINE’s location-based features, and we’ve recently had an exciting project to improve our support for keeping track of nearby points of interest (PoIs) — shops, museums, anything you might want to know that you were close to. In order to deliver this as quickly as […]

How we added settings searching to the LINE app

LINE has become a large platform that is host to a myriad of features over the years, and with each new feature added, so were new menus and items added to the settings menu as well. With more than 47 settings menu and 185 items that cover everything from personal info, themes, permission, and notifications […]

Performance Test in Jenkins – Run Dynamic Pod Executors in Kubernetes Parallelly

Performance tests are a necessary and crucial part of all services in LINE, which ensures that software applications will perform well under the expected workload. Whenever features which may affect overall user experience are implemented, performance testing is executed as a part of the testing plan. But setting up and maintaining a performance test environment is […]

【Team & Project】 Introducing LINE’s Infrastructure Security Experts

LINE’s software engineers belong in development centers comprised of different departments running various projects. The Team & Project series takes a closer look at these departments and projects, their roles, team structure, tech stacks, challenges that lie ahead, roadmaps, and more. In this blog post, we interviewed members of the Infra Protection Team who keep […]

Engineers at LINE Fukuoka Participated in a Virtual Hackathon

At the LINE Fukuoka development department, 80 engineers participated in a remote ideathon and hackathon for two weeks. I’ll introduce how we prepared the event remotely and the deliverables that were presented at the event. Engineers at LINE Fukuoka participate in a hackathon every year (except last year when we couldn’t run the event). This […]

Introducing Frey: LINE’s new self-service batch ingestion system

Hi, this is Yang Xu from Data Engineering 1 of the Data Platform department. Our department runs a huge Hadoop cluster and provides various services for data analysis, machine learning, and so on. One mission of our team is providing a batch ingestion service, which ingests data from different storages into our Hadoop environment for […]

Kafka-based job queue library ‘Decaton’ examples

Introduction: Decaton LINE recently released an in-house developed library, Decaton, as open source. Decaton is a Kafka-based asynchronous job queue library, and it is widely used throughout LINE. GitHub: line/decaton – High throughput asynchronous task processing on Apache Kafka In fact, Kafka offers Kafka Streams, its official library for processing streams. However, Kafka Streams did not […]

Abuser detection random forest model and hyperparameter tuning

Hello everyone, I’m Dekai Wah, currently an intern at LINE’s Game Security Department. In our department, we work on different facets of securing games from cheating behavior. These could range from obfuscating code to analysis of suspicious behavior on our game servers. In this project, my teammate Yoshiki Kusama and I analyzed the game data retrieved from our […]

LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020 Speaker Interviews

I’m Miki from the Developer Success Team.

LINE DEVELOPER DAY is a technical conference for engineers where we will introduce the challenges and initiatives in the technical field of LINE’s various services. This year’s conference will be held online for three days from November 25th to 27th.

The official website for LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020

The conference will offer over 150 sessions over 3 days, divided into specialized tracks for each technology area as follows

  • Day1 : AI/Data, Server Side LINE Platform, Security, Infrastructure, Corporate IT, Others
  • Day2 : AI/Data, Server Side Application, Client, Frontend, Test/QA, Others
  • Day3 : AI/Data, Fintech, Blockchain, Developer Product, OSS, Product Management, Team & Process, Design, Others

In order to give you a fragmented view of the conference content, we have released the movies of pre-interviews with the speakers. Since it’s difficult to introduce all the speakers, we’ve included 8 speakers from AI/Data, Server Side LINE Platform, Security, Infrastructure, Server Side Application, Client, Frontend and Developer Product. We’ve picked up a speaker from each category and asked them to give us an outline of the session they were in charge of, as well as a subjective view of what LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2020 is all about.