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Test Automation Workshop 2018 Tokyo

Welcome to Test Automation Workshop It’s a great pleasure for me to share our latest event with you all. I am Moses Kim from the Software Engineer in Test team at LINE. Last October, test automation teams from LINE’s global offices gathered at LINE Tokyo office for a workshop — Test Automation Workshop 2018 — …

LINE Things (IoT platform) at IFA, Europe’s largest consumer electronics exhibit

Hello, this is Jose from the Developer Product department. I’d like to share my visit to the IFA held in Berlin from August 31 to September 5. Introducing IFA IFA, Internationale Funkausstellung, is the largest consumer electronics exhibition in Europe, held annually around September in Berlin, which started off as a global exhibition on broadcasting technology. In the midst …

LINE engineer wins third place in the biggest global IT contest in the world, Imagine Cup 2018

Hello you all, this is Kunihiko Sato, a member of the LINE AD Platform. Imagine Cup, an IT conference organized by Microsoft was held in Seattle from July 23–25 2018, which I attended as a representative of Japan. I’d like to share my experience there and story on winning third place. Imagine Cup is open to students, …

Interview with MEB

This article is an interview conducted by Jirawat Karanwittayakarn, a technology evangelist at LINE Thailand, with MEB Corporation. MEB Corporation is a well-known leader in the e-book industry in Thailand. We had a chance to meet them and ask how they integrated their service with LINE Pay.


Interview with Double A

This article is an interview conducted by Jirawat Karanwittayakarn, a technology evangelist at LINE Thailand, with Double A Corporation, a company servicing cloud-based printing. Double A Corporation has integrated their service with LINE Pay, and we asked how they were going with it.

Double A Team.jpg

Write you a webpack for great good

Module bundlers have become quite popular in the world of JavaScript. Today, I’d like us to briefly see the concept of it, get into how it really works, and I’ll share the story of making a module bundler myself.

What is a module bundler?

Module systems structure a large-scale code base into units of modules. For long, there has been no module system for JavaScript, but ever since Node.js started to use a module system called CommonJS from 2009, modular programming became a common practice. Also, ES Module, a new module system, has been added to the JavaScript specification in the ECMAScript 2015. It’s hard to imagine coding JavaScript without modules nowadays.

Write the Docs Prague 2018 Recap

Hi all, this is Jeongil from Technical Writing team in LINE. I am based in Korea, and have been in the field of Technical writing for the past ten years. Currently, my main job is writing and managing Clova documentation for third-party developers.

Perhaps this is the first time for you to hear of technical writing or may be you have heard about it but don’t exactly know what it is. In Korea, there is no degree programs for technical writing and in fact, it is quite difficult to find a person of this profession, especially the ones in the software industry, writing infrastructure documents or API references.

Having a rather small ecosystem, us technical writers in Korea rely much on web searches or team members for getting the latest news, tips, know-hows and strategies for technical writing. We struggle with such limited resources. Write the Docs Prague 2018 really hit the spot for me.

Combining Slackbots into one, with gRPC

Hello all! I am suzuki-shunsuke from LINE IT Strategy team who is in charge of developing and running internal systems. Today, I’d like to share how I merged multiple Slack bots into one using gRPC.

How it all began

These days, my main tasks as a member of Slack management team, are making and operating slack bots at LINE. One day, we got a request to combine the bots we use into a single bot, for the following reasons:

  • Inviting numerous bots into a chat is a fuss.
  • Knowing all the bots available is difficult.
  • Adding more functions to a single bot is better than adding more bots.