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  • LINE Animation Sticker Checker on Web browser
    ha1f 2018.06.04

    I develop iOS apps at LINE Fukuoka.

    Great to meet you all. This is ha1f from LINE Fukuoka, I develop iOS apps at LINE. Back when I was as a part timer at LINE, I was involved in making in-house tools for LINE. To share a little bit of my background, I was hired as a part timer with a confirmed offer to a full time position. Anyway, today, I'd like to show you a tool I developed during my time as a part timer, the Animation Sticker Checker.

    What is APNG?

    Before we get into the details of the tool, let's discover what APNG is. APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) is a specification for animated image, consisting of images each numbered with a sequence number. LINE animation stickers use APNG. Unlike GIF, APNG supports full color, alpha channel and has a high compression rate. APNG is compatible with PNG, and is displayed as a still image for image viewers that do not support APNG. If you have the right tool, you can convert a sequence of PNG files into an APNG file.


    AdventCalendar APNG

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  • 'Let’s Contribute OSS!' for LINE's frontend engineers
    kawasako 2018.05.30

    I am in charge of Web analytics.

    Hi there you all, this is Kawasako from Frontend Standardization team in LINE. Our team is in charge of developing tools that are commonly required by the frontend development team, for developing products. Also we seek ways to boost information sharing and communication between developers. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our work and our recent workshop.

    devweek workshop OSS frontend

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  • API the Docs Recap
    Serizawa 2018.05.28

    I am a technical writer in charge of developer documentation for the LINE Platform.

    Hi, my name is Serizawa and I'm a technical writer in LINE. LINE has a program that allows engineers to attend overseas conferences on company expense so that they can grasp the latest technology trends. In this article, I'd like to share my report on API the Docs, the API documentation conference that I attended, thanks to the program.

    Technical writing

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  • Osaka Developer Meetup 3/30 - Mobile
    Upadhyay Parth 2018.05.18

    My name is Parth Upadhyay and I’m a Server Side Engineer on the LINE Shop Team, currently working in Fukuoka. I had the chance to attend our most recent Developer Meetup in Osaka, see some presentations by LINE Engineers, and connect with the developer community there. Today I'd like to share some of what was discussed and my general impressions from the meetup.

    Session Overview

    The theme of this meetup was mobile, and we had engineers from across the stack give presentations about things they have been exploring or working.

    meetup LINE Developers Meetup

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  • Sending notifications to Clova devices with IFTTT
    Rei Sasaki 2018.05.11

    I am in charge of developer relations for LINE Clova.

    Here is our first post on Clova after its release. Today, I'd like to talk about integrating Clova with IFFFF which allows us to do things like sending a notification to Clova devices when a new post is uploaded on the LINE Engineering blog. Before we start, let us find out what IFTTT is first.

    At the time of posting, the service introduced here is only available in Japan.

    Clova IFTTT

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