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  • Improving LINE Timeline performance on iOS through implementation of a view model
    Keonhong Lee 2017.05.30

    Keonhong has participated in the development of Keep for both Android and iOS. He is currently on the Timeline for iOS development team.


    Hello, my name is Keonhong Lee and I'm in charge of development for Timeline on iOS. In this blog post, I'd like to talk about how we improved performance of the Timeline on iOS, after it had become heavy, slow, and difficult to manage from the many added features and history over time.


    First, some background on why we started on this path.

    The LINE Timeline is a place where you and your friends can share all of your social activities. Theoretically, a post uploaded to the Timeline can be seen in dozens of different ways. One single post may need to processed in different ways depending on the screen it's being displayed on, or the situation it's being read in.

    iOS Timeline Timeline performance iOS view model

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  • Using BitBar to monitor Prometheus alerts
    Paul Traylor 2017.04.28

    Currently working on making server monitoring and alerting easier for developers to use.

    Taking advantage of the menu bar on macOS

    I'm Paul Traylor from LINE Fukuoka's development team. Since starting at LINE, my primary responsibility has been working with Prometheus and Grafana to update our internal server monitoring system into something that is easier to use. The end goal is to make it possible for developers to easily set their own alerts. Since I'm in charge of monitoring the monitoring system, I often have to look at many different charts and check servers from several different environments. As it gets quite difficult to keep an eye on everything, I like to find small tools that make that easier. One of my favorites to work with is a tool called BitBar, which allows me to build simple status plugins to observe anything that I can think of.

    BitBar Prometheus plugin monitoring

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  • LINE Developer Meetup in Fukuoka #17: Firsthand Report
    oshiro 2017.04.21

    Hi, I’m Oshiro on LINE Fukuoka’s Data Analysis Team, and I’ll be giving you a firsthand report on the “LINE Developer Meetup in Fukuoka #17” that took place here in Fukuoka on February 23.

    LINE Fukuoka Event Report

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  • LINE Group Call - Conference calls with up to 200 people
    Jungjun Park 2017.02.22

    I am in charge of VoIP server development at LINE.

    Hello, my name is Park Jungjun and I am currently developing the LINE Group Call feature.

    One of LINE's goals in development is Closing the Distance. To make this come true, LINE develops many different conversation services. On this LINE Engineering Blog post, I would like to introduce you to the features and technologies of one of our conversation services, LINE Group Call.

    LINE Group Call - Make voice calls with up to 200 people simultaneously

    LINE Group Call lets users have conference calls with up to 200 people simultaneously. Calls are made right from the LINE app. LINE Group Call was first released on March, 2016 with a voice call feature. By December, a video call feature was added to LINE Group Call. Using LINE Group Call, LINE users can make voice and video calls with their friends anywhere in the world for free.

    To use LINE Group Call, the following versions of LINE or above must be installed on your device.

    • LINE Group Voice Call: LINE iOS 5.11.0 or above, LINE Android 5.11.0 or above, LINE Desktop (Windows/macOS) 4.5.0 or above.
    • LINE Group Video Call: LINE iOS 6.9 or above, LINE Android 6.9.2 or above, LINE Desktop (Windows) 5.0.0 or above.

    LINE Groupcall VoIP

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  • LINE Taiwan TechPulse 2016 Recap
    Shawn Tsai 2017.02.21

    He is an engineer at LINE Taiwan, in charge of chatbot application development and LINE Platform technical consulting.

    This is Shawn Tsai from LINE Taiwan. In its goal to become a Smart Portal for users, LINE has been opening up more features of its LINE Platform to developers to spur on the development of innovative chatbot applications. On the heels of the successful LINE Developer Day events held in Japan, we held an event in Taiwan called "LINE Taiwan TechPulse" on December 26, 2016. We had a good turnout of more than 600 attendees to this event which included many of our local partners as well as many talented developers. Not only did we introduce the resources we've made available to developers on the LINE Platform, we also shared information about LINE's unique engineering culture and the career opportunities that are available at LINE.

    Taiwan TechPulse TechPulse

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