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  • Introducing Developer Relations team
    Yusuke Kushii 2018.03.21

    In charge of actively and creatively promoting the technologies of LINE both in and out of the company. Also in charge of operations of LINE Developer Day 2016.

    This is Kushii from the Tech PR team at LINE. Some of you may already know me for running the Japanese blog. I've recently became a member of the Developer Relations team which was set up not so long ago. I wanted have an opportunity to introduce the team to you, so here we go.

    Developer Relations Team Developer Relations Technical Advocate Technical Evangelist

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  • LINE x Amazon: Technical discussion
    Sho Tachibana 2018.03.16

    We recently had a technical discussion with Amazon at their HQ, Seattle. Fifteen Liners from Planning, Sales, Development and Evangelism participated in the event, and I participated as a facilitator. My guess is that you'd want to find out what discussed, but unfortunately, all I can share with you for now is the non-technical aspects of the trip. So, I'll briefly share some of the pictures.

    Tech Discussion @ Amazon

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  • Bot Designer for previewing conversation with chatbots
    Kazuki Nakajima 2018.03.15

    Bot Designer is an application which allows you to simulate and preview a conversation with a chatbot.


    With the LINE Messaging API, you can make a bot send various types of messages such as texts, images, stickers, locations to a LINE user. To check how these messages are actually displayed on the LINE app, what you had to was to create a JSON object representing the message, call the Messaging API, and then check the sent message on the LINE app. Now, with Bot Designer, you can do it by simply entering information in the input fields of Bot Designer which automatically converts the information into JSON objects and renders message previews. You will get the idea right away when you watch the following video clip.

    LINE BOT BOT Designer

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  • LINE opens community site for third party developers
    Kazuki Nakajima 2018.03.13

    We are very pleased to announce that we have opened a new site, the LINE Developers community site, which you can easily access from the existing LINE developers site. Note the links are added on the top navigation bar and the left-hand side menu of the developer site.


    LINE Developers LINE API

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  • LINE iOS/Android Hackathon 2017
    Hyeonji Jo 2018.01.31

    She's a LINE iOS developer.

    Nice to meet you all. I am Hyeonji Jo, an IOS developer at LINE. On this post, I'd like to take you to the LINE Hackathon 2017, held in December 13th to 15th, 2017. LINE has been holding regular workshops for LINE's iOS and Android engineers, consisting of a number of sessions and a short, day-long hackathon. A lot of feedback to the previous workshops demanded more time for the hackathon; participants had brilliant ideas but the time allocated had been a bit too short to develop them. So, this time, no other sessions were setup but the hackathon. I reckon no matter how long you are given, you will have to fight off that regretful or depressing emotion that remains afterwards. However, given twice the time this time, the completeness of outcome was much more satisfying, and the teams came up with more various and fun ideas. I am already missing the event so much.

    Day 1

    The attendants were iOS and Android engineers as well as QA engineers from LINE offices in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Teams had been setup before the event, and we had about 30 teams. Since the nationalities were all different, the main language used in the event was English.

    LINE Hackathon hackathon

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