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  • Outcomes of the LINE Security Bug Bounty Program
    Lee Myeongjae 2017.02.08

    He is a security engineer at LINE.

    About the LINE Security Bug Bounty Program

    Hello, my name is Lee Myoung Jae (MJ) and I'm in charge of security at LINE. In this post I'm going to talk about the LINE Security Bug Bounty Program and the results of the program in 2016. The LINE Security Bug Bounty Program is an ongoing program to make the LINE app more secure for our users by letting external engineers submit bug (vulnerability) reports which we would then immediately fix.

    We first conducted a trial run of the program called the LINE Bug Bounty Program from August 24 to September 23 in 2015. Based on our experience from that trial, we made various changes to create an improved bug bounty program for 2016. And on June 2, 2016, we launched the new and improved LINE Security Bug Bounty Program.

    For more information about the LINE Bug Bounty Program, see our previous blog posts: "Introducing the LINE Bug Bounty Program" and "Results From the LINE Bug Bounty"

    LINE Security Bug Bounty Program website:

    BugBounty Security

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  • Results From the LINE Bug Bounty
    Lee Myeongjae 2015.12.17

    He is a security engineer at LINE.

    Preparing the Bug Bounty Program

    Hello. I am MJ, a LINE security engineer.

    In this post I would like to share the results of the 2015 LINE Bug Bounty (August 24-September 23). As our first ever bug bounty program, we are very pleased with how well the program came together.

    The core objective of the program was to discover and fix potential vulnerabilities in our services so that our users can enjoy them safely. Several departments lent us a hand in preparing the program and we could not have done it without them.

    BugBounty Security

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  • Introducing the LINE Bug Bounty Program
    Lee Myeongjae 2015.08.05

    He is a security engineer at LINE.

    Hello. I am MJ from the LINE Security Department. In this post, I would like to announce the details of the LINE Bug Bounty.

    What is a bug bounty?

    Companies use bug bounty programs to strengthen their services and products by rewarding users that can find vulnerabilities in them. Many companies have used these programs to take a more active role in strengthening the security of their services.

    LINE has grown as a global company that now provides services to more than 2 hundred million active users on a monthly basis. The number of products and services have increased, and so have the number of users that require protection. We at LINE aim to provide a more stable service as a result of this bug bounty.

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  • Analyzing Large Amounts of Security Data With Spark, Mesos, Zeppelin, and HDFS
    OH WANG JIN 2015.06.03

    He is a data engineer for the LINE Ads Platform. His main development areas are games, security and search and is currently working on the big data technology.

    Hello, we are WJ and KH and we are in charge of game security development at LINE.

    A massive number of players play LINE Games at any given time, and that is why quick issue analysis and response can be difficult. With the large increase in LINE Game players and users from abroad, many instances of abuse (profiting through unauthorized actions) are being observed. Abusing the system affects other players that are playing the game by the rules, while also directly affecting the game itself. Responding to these abuses as quickly as possible is crucial to keeping the game stable, and to protect players that are playing the game as intended.


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  • LINE Security – Simple, Safe, Secure
    LINE Security 2014.03.11

    Greetings, this is the LINE Security Center. LINE has grown into a global messaging app enjoyed by people from all around the world. We are proud to say that LINE not only offers incredible ease of use, but also a secure environment where users’ information is kept safe and secure.


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