LINE Engineering

  • Adding an HTML Component on AMP
    Shoyo Kyo 2018.08.23

    Hello, this is Kyo, a front-end engineer at LINE. I'd like to share my story on AMP Project, Google's open source project. While you work on markup with AMP HTML, haven't you ever felt an urge to make a component yourself, or to add a feature to it? I hope my post will give you a little push on your back if you are still hesitating.

    google AMP Component

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  • V8 Hidden class
    Masami Yonehara 2018.06.27

    I am a frontend engineer at LINE. I've moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo in 2016.

    As a frontend engineer, I feel I still need to know more about the structure of JavaScript and web browsers, in order to provide quality UX to our users. Thankfully, we are given an access to peak through JavaScript's thoughts, thanks to Google and Mozilla for making their engine code available to public, along with nicely prepared documentation. The availability of various means for tracing and profiling code surely helps too.

    AdventCalendar JavaScript

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  • LIFF, our latest product for third party developers
    Sho Tachibana 2018.06.15

    I am a technical evangelist for the LINE platform, including LINE Messaging API and LINE Login.

    What is LIFF?

    LIFF is one of our latest products out for LINE Messaging API users. So, what is LIFF? LIFF stands for the LINE Front-end Framework, a web app platform that runs inside the LINE app. LIFF apps running on the LINE app can obtain LINE user ID or tokens needed to use the LIFF API. With the information obtained, LIFF apps can provide features using user information, such as sending messages on behalf of the user.

    LINE BOT Messaging API

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  • LINE Animation Sticker Checker on Web browser
    ha1f 2018.06.04

    I develop iOS apps at LINE Fukuoka.

    Great to meet you all. This is ha1f from LINE Fukuoka, I develop iOS apps at LINE. Back when I was as a part timer at LINE, I was involved in making in-house tools for LINE. To share a little bit of my background, I was hired as a part timer with a confirmed offer to a full time position. Anyway, today, I'd like to show you a tool I developed during my time as a part timer, the Animation Sticker Checker.

    What is APNG?

    Before we get into the details of the tool, let's discover what APNG is. APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) is a specification for animated image, consisting of images each numbered with a sequence number. LINE animation stickers use APNG. Unlike GIF, APNG supports full color, alpha channel and has a high compression rate. APNG is compatible with PNG, and is displayed as a still image for image viewers that do not support APNG. If you have the right tool, you can convert a sequence of PNG files into an APNG file.


    AdventCalendar APNG

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  • 'Let’s Contribute OSS!' for LINE's frontend engineers
    kawasako 2018.05.30

    I am in charge of Web analytics.

    Hi there you all, this is Kawasako from Frontend Standardization team in LINE. Our team is in charge of developing tools that are commonly required by the frontend development team, for developing products. Also we seek ways to boost information sharing and communication between developers. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce our work and our recent workshop.

    devweek workshop OSS frontend

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