LINE as Apache Software Foundation’s Silver sponsor

We at the Open Source Program Office TF are finding many ways of cultivating a culture where LINE engineers and open-source ecosystems come together in a close relationship. In this post, we would like to highlight one of those many efforts: How LINE became a Silver Sponsor for the Apache Software Foundation. About the Apache Software Foundation The Apache […]

LINE Open Source Sprint 2021: Promoting open-source contribution

We at the Open Source Program Office TF are working diligently to close the distance between LINE’s development culture and open-source development culture. With how many of LINE’s developers are dependent on open-source software, many of them may have had one of the following thoughts at some point: “One of these days I should really […]

Unification of Group Chat on the LINE App

LINE supports not only one-on-one but multi-user conversations as well. There were two types of multi-user conversations in LINE, Rooms and Groups, for different uses. Rooms were designed for temporary conversations in general. When creating a Room, you didn’t need to give it a name. When inviting a friend into the Room, you didn’t need to wait for their approval, […]

The baseline for web development in 2022

 TL;DR:The baseline for web development in 2022 is: low-spec Android devices in terms of performance, Safari from two years before in terms of Web Standards, and 4G in terms of networks. The web in general is not answering those needs properly, especially in terms of performance where factors such as an over-dependence on JavaScript are […]

LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2021 retrospective report

This is Sato from the Developer Success team looking back at LINE DEVELOPER DAY 2021, which took place during November 10 to November 11 this year. I would like to thank every attendee and staff member who made the event possible. Due to COVID-19, this year’s event was once again exclusively online. In this post, I’d like to take a look at some statistics relating to this year’s event.

【Internship Report】Design and Implementation of FRRouting IS-IS SRv6 Extension

My name is Naoyuki Tachibana. I participated in the LINE internship joining the Network Development Team of the Verda Department for six weeks from September 6th. I developed an extension of the SRv6 function for the IS-IS daemon of FRR, which is the open-source routing platform LINE used in the data center, as the theme of the internship. I will introduce the result in this article.

【Internship Report】 Implementation of the IU Web search completion function

Hello. My name is Ryoto Suzuki. I am a first-year master’s student at the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo.

I participated in the LINE internship of the engineer/working-type course for six weeks from August 23rd.

During this internship, I belonged to the IU Dev Team of the Data Platform Department and was engaged in the improvement of the search function of the data catalog “IU Web,” which was used in LINE. In this blog, I will introduce the details.

FIDO at LINE: FIDO2 server as an open-source project

Hello, this is Kyungjoon from the Security R&D team. I work as a FIDO (Fast Identity Online) engineer. Continuing from our last post FIDO at LINE: A First Step to a World Without Passwords, I would like to introduce you to FIDO2, and also share my experiences from participating in the interoperability testing event hosted by the FIDO Alliance earlier this year in March. Lastly I will talk about our very own LINE FIDO2 server, which will be made available as an open-source project.